Another CIA assination or a real sucide?

December 24, 2008

I must say all these sudden deaths are starting to seem extremely suspicious at best.  I don’t know who is doing the killing, but this is just a little too pat. Call me a mystery buff reader but the Bush’s administration is just too foul for me not to give the theory in the video below a little consideration.

For too long we had become a nation that was way to complacent and have always preferred to believe our government could never do any wrong.  I think after Iraq we should all take a moments pause and consider the impossible.

Too what extent would people like Cheney, Rove, and Bush be willing to go to stay out of prison and keep their crimes out of the public’s eye?

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  1. Too what extent would people like Cheney, Rove, and Bush be willing to go to stay out of prison and keep their crimes out of the public’s eye?

    Short answer: By any means neccesary.

  2. “I think after Iraq we should all take a moments pause and consider the impossible”

    We should question everything this administration wants to do, no matter what the reason or excuse is. Usually they use “fear” of something to force what the want at the time into law.

  3. I believe that Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, etc. would do anything. However, don’t get the connection of a man committing suicide because of losing almost $1.5 billion due to investing in Madoff’s Ponzi scheme with some kind of Bush Administration coverup. What was this man’s connection? What am I missing?

  4. I think it’s unbelievable that a 50 BILLION Ponzi scheme was able to go on without anyone knowing.

    I’m wouldn’t say it’s directly connected to Bush or his administration, but i wouldn’t rule them out though. I do believe that someone high up knew it was going on.

    This is my first and last time you will ever hear this from me…..but I think McCain was right when he said that Cox should be fired.

    We got Ponzi schemes happening right in our faces (8 trillion bailout).

    It’s so unbelievable the stuff people got away with under Bush’s presidency.

  5. AustinTXGal, I have no idea. The host of that show really never gave a real connection why he believes it could be true. For me, Its just something about the Ponzi scheme being allowed to go on for 8 long years and Cox not investigating any of the reports that he was receiving just makes it all seems wrong. Of course it could be just plain old incompetency on Cox’s part, however, I am more receptive to hearing people out just because it might involve some of our key criminals in the white house.

    Heavenly I’m with you on that one. Cox is in the news talking about how nothing is his fault. My question is, then why is he the head of the SEC? I’m starting to wonder if his only job was to collect a paycheck with no effort involved. Or, is there more to this then we want to believe. Something just seems off. I can’t say I’m walking the line of accusing anyone of anything, but it does get me to think.

  6. look behind you because bush has got someone following every detractor. if you hurry you may be able to catch the next spaceship to mar.

  7. The correct spelling is Mars. Dave I like you, but you keep showing me signs that you are slipping down the rabbits’ hole. Now really what is that about? Are you so closed off from freedom of thought without being subversive that you can not see any other picture? Remember this is the land of the free? Home of the brave? Remember? Stop acting like every thing is above our government. Thoughts like that is a childish form of naivety. Our government has been involved in way too much intrigue to assume they are above reproach. The only difference is that Bush jr thought he was a real live dictator and publicized his crimes.

    I am not saying Bush ordered any type of murder. But I am aware of the harm he has done and continue to commit. When it comes to this guys death, I’m saying something is not right. If you can’t see that then you really do live in a closet.

    I’m sure you think the economy tanked because the democrats did it, as per Rush. Rush gets millions per year, what does he really know about the middle class or poor? Much less how the economy tanked?

    Please, do me, and you, a favor and go to the library and read more than just the Bible. If you believe in God so deeply then understand that he gave us enough intelligence for putting a band-aide on our cut finger with out consulting the Bible first. Maybe that’s why he also gave us doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, scientist and countless others with intelligence as well. It’s called free volition.

    Believing in God is not suppose to be a crutch for not learning and making decisions. God (Allah, higher being, whatever) is suppose to enhance our lives not hamper it and dumb us down.

    Who’s version of the Bible are you reading anyway? King James? Greek Translation? Hebrew translation? American Standard? Which one is closing your mind off to having a real opinion?

  8. Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. I think that we all have to consider one thing, why does someone want to be president? We are led to think that it is the pinacle of political acheivement. However, I feel the answer is far more simple … money. The president is in a position to make themselves, and all those around them, Very Rich.
    So, to get to the point, once in a position of such power, people will do everything possible to maintain said power. The Clinton administration was also notorious for elminating all that threatened them. Bush, and every other president (Obama included) is no different.

  9. There is corruption in all of us to some degree. But one must give a pres-elect a chance. Prejudging Obama doesn’t help anything. I am most distressed of the corruption from the Bush Cheney adm… I can not hardly imagine anything much worse.

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