Pat Robertson for President Obama? WTF?

December 24, 2008

What is this? Is this the Warren effect? You know the effect that the media reported would not be effective?

Trust me, I was hard pressed to post P. Robertson since I am not a groupie; but, it needed to be noted that yes once again President Obama had it right. We need to reach out.

I tolerant much trying to reach out and get those that are on the right (Don’t know why the extreme right read my site though) to see the bigger picture.

Last time I checked, the gay issue was suppose to be about civil rights and the best way to get it is by being inclusive and not separating only what we hate.  Although, I do not agree with any of Rick Warren’s views on gay rights, I did have to note that the man is trying.  He scrubbed his site of homosexual slurs and insults and is not all bad.  He actually is not the typical make a dime and put it in his pocket Evangelical.  He also believes in civil rights, which is shocking to know.

I think its time for a new tomorrow and we should not exclude just because that’s what the enemy does so well.

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