Rove: Infrastructure Spending Is ‘Goofy, Pie-In-The-Sky Spending Idea’

December 24, 2008

I’m still laughing that this guy is still talking.

Now why am I not surprised that the infrastructure is something President Obama should not be investing in?  I guess the economist have it wrong as well.

In fact, prominent economists agree that infrastructure spending will help boost the economy. As NPR reported, “Every $1 billion the federal government commits to roads, bridges and other infrastructure helps to support some 35,000 jobs.” A Center for American Progress report found that a $100 billion in a green infrastructure spending would create two million jobs in two years. (h/t Think Progress)

Of course Rove gives this assessment on the only channel that will give him air time, Fox Fake News.   On Fox Fake News there is always an agenda of some sort or the other so it is neither shocking or surprising that Rove — the current great GOP guru  —  would be pumping up the usual GOP slop of cutting corporate taxes?

At the rate Rove’s, ex and now current Boss, Bush is deregulating laws we’ll need the stimulus just to purchase individual gas mask and water filters for every woman, man and child just to survive the onslaught of toxins that Bush has made sure can be legally dumped in the air and in water.

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