The Political War for our minds

December 24, 2008

There is an experimental project called Internet II that is taking place in Australia today that shows the seriousness of the government’s need to control and filter what information people are receiving.  The question to bare in mind is how long before its application is applied around the world?  There’s a very good reason why its not being tested here and we all know why.  How loud do you think our out cry would be?  Way too loud; but, once it’s finished someplace else, packaged and marketed strategically will we know what we’re really buying?    For more on this subject read [The Internet Post] Tom’s excellent post here.  [Intro by Chamay0]

Guest Blogger:  Mike Davis:

Some of us have been hearing stories of an Internet II for quite some time. Others are clueless about the Internet II. Most of us have no real idea what such a proposal might involved.

Basically, the plan is to use the excuse of pornography, gambling and “hate speech” to shield children from unwanted sites to generate Internet II appeal for marketing the project to the masses.

The testing of the system is currently being ran in Australia. I would assume to get the bugs out.  However, the real news regarding the new Internet II is millions of websites will be censored because of politically incorrect content (which will probably be most of the blog sites). There will only be around 10,000 approved sites which as you may have guessed will be ran by multinational corporations for the most part.  They are currently having problems with the new system; but that won’t stop them for long.  Article follows below:

Fatal flaws in website censorship plan, says report

Asher Moses
The Age
Tuesday, Dec 23, 2008

TRIALS of mandatory internet censorship will begin within days despite a secret high-level report to the Rudd Government that found the technology simply does not work will significantly slow internet speeds and will block access to legitimate websites.

The report, commissioned by the Howard government and prepared by the Internet Industry Association, concluded that schemes to block inappropriate content such as child pornography are fundamentally flawed.

If the trials are deemed a success, the Government has earmarked $44 million to impose a compulsory “clean feed” on all internet subscribers in Australia as soon as late next year.

But the report says the filters would slow the internet – as much as 87 per cent by some measures – be easily bypassed and would not come close to capturing all of the nasty content available online.

They would also struggle to distinguish between wanted and unwanted content, leading to legitimate sites being blocked. Entire user-generated content sites, such as YouTube and Wikipedia, could be censored over a single suspect posting.

This raises serious freedom of speech questions, such as who will be held accountable for blocked sites and whether the Government will be pressured to expand the blacklist to cover lawful content including pornography, gambling sites and euthanasia material.

The report, based on comprehensive interviews with many parties with a stake in the internet, was written by several independent technical experts including a University of Sydney associate professor, Bjorn Landfeldt. It was handed to the Government in February but has been kept secret.

“I definitely think that what the Government is showing publicly is such a small part of what they need to do in order to get this right,” Professor Landfeldt told the Herald.

He said he believed the Government had not released his report because its conclusions were too damaging.

“It’s definitely not going to be workable to get a very significant reduction in access to this [unwanted] content that is available out there – it’s fundamentally just not viable.”

The Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy – – has said the first tier of the Government’s censorship policy will be compulsory for all. This would block all “illegal” and “inappropriate” material, as determined in part by a secret blacklist administered by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

Read the entire article @ theage.com.au

UPDATE:  Here’s some video explaining Internet II

And this is what it is called in America, Web 2.0.  Enjoy the pretty marketing strategy and boy does it sound good:



  1. it’s called Web 2.0 here in the states. pushed by Nasa Ames Research Center, and RIGHT NEXT DOOR, google. It’s treason, if they are not arrested, they MUST be killed.

  2. Thanks Walkndude. You’re right too much control is being given to these wannabe web controllers. We will have to fight even harder to get the point across.

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