Coal Sludge is not toxic!!

December 26, 2008

Well it finally made it to NY TV. I loved how the subject was introduced. Not about it being an environmental disaster, not even that it happened several days ago. The topic is all about if the water is safe?  The government’s verdict?  Ignore the dead fish test show the water is fine.

This is so reminiscent of the World Trade.  There you had Christine Whitman telling all of New York how safe the air was while we were busy toiling searching for anyone that might still be alive in the rumble of what once was what I considered my own personal building.

Now let’s fast forward a good three or four years after the destruction of the World Trade.  All of a sudden those that spent the most time working at the World Trade started popping up with health problems.  Plenty of them have died.  So much for clean air.  Why anyone expected the Bush administration to tell the truth is beyond my comprehension.  They didn’t do so then and I doubt seriously they will do so now where this new environmental disaster is concern.

I’m not a scientist but the government has got to think we are undeniably stupid to think we would believe that the water is safe, dead fish not withstanding.   I would not be drinking that water, much less washing with that crap.  Clean coal?  I don’t think so.

…the waste produced by coal plants is actually more radioactive than that generated by their nuclear counterparts.  In fact, fly ash—a by-product from burning coal for power—contains up to 100 times more radiation than nuclear waste.

Not enough said about this new cover up.



  1. Wow! I had no idea how toxic it is! Thanks for the info. I wonder how Al Gore feels since he is near that sludge. Poor guy.

    Drinking water safe my a–!!! Where’s Erin Brockovitch?

    They are going to have to re-name that town “Cancer Gulch.:

  2. I’m having a blast at your site. Love your wit and post.

  3. That’s just like after 9/11 the government told the NYC citizens that the air was safe, when it really wasn’t.. We see a lot of that now, mercury in fish is good to eat, along with the melamine in baby formula’s are ok now…..do we see a trend here?

  4. Yes and its called just kill the people.

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