Good American Values

December 26, 2008

sarah_palin_02I find the whole Sarah Palin episode ironic at best.  Sarah Palin is the conservatives best hope?  She’s the model that represents good American values.  Really?

Let’s re-examine that premise.  I have an 18 year old that managed to finish high school and start college.  Guess what?  She did that without getting knocked up.  But since I’m not a conservative my values are not all that good?  Let’s see, my daughter has a boy friend who’s parent has never been busted for selling drugs or any other illegal act.  Perhaps my standards are a tad higher then good American values?  I have an expense account at work that I have never abused.  Not so Sarah.  She’s been beating her state out of money for years (can we say per diem).

When did our values sink so low that the worst of them are touted as a success story?   Is the only real conservative value really just being for pro-life and picking up a Bible?  As long as you do that your spouse can be part of a secessionist group?  You can be part of a church that prays over you to protect you from witches?

WTF!  Are these people crazy?  When did being divisive become a stellar quality?  The fact that Sarah put her self on display and showed the world she lacked any depth of character or ability to speak in English is not something to be proud of, much less equate with good American value.   Yet, you have idiot people telling me I’m being sexist? I do not believe it is sexist to acknowledge that Sarah is hopeless and damn well doesn’t represent my sex in any light, much less good American values.  Let me put it bluntly, I support women just not idiots.

I think I’ll continue to be a liberal and stay far far away from conservatives and their good American values.  Now bite me.

Enough said.



  1. LOL!!!! Well said!

    That whole “values” thing is just a code word for Bible Spice and her supporters to feel better than everyone else. Well, I’ll stick with the people who are color blind, don’t beat up on gays and who believe that hate is a crime. Thank you!

  2. My greatest joy is that I am not a conservative. I find way too many of them are filled with hate and blood thirstiness for doing harm to other people. Yet, they want me to believe they are pro-life?

  3. And these are todays all American Christians

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