I know we owe China a lot of money but…

December 26, 2008

melamine-china-thumb-230xautoHave we already consigned our country as second class?  What’s up with the FDA?  Why is toxin food and products being allowed into America from China?  The FDA just finished reporting, not too long back, that baby products with toxic melamine is acceptable?  WTF?

The FDA is really smacking home runs out of the ball park with their new attitude.  They also declared mercury in fish is fine for babies, pregnant women and children?  Why?  You can read about that absurdity at The Internet Post by Tom here.

I digress, that’s another story.  It is currently being reported by the LAT that there is a possibility that melamine is also in the fish products being imported from China.

Reporting from Los Angeles and Shanghai — Melamine in Chinese-produced milk powder has sickened hundreds of thousands of children and added to a growing list of made-in-China foods banned across the globe. Now, some scientists and consumer advocates are raising concerns that fish from China may also be contaminated with the industrial chemical.

China is the world’s largest producer of farm-raised seafood, exporting billions of dollars worth of shrimp, catfish, tilapia, salmon and other fish. The U.S. imported about $2 billion of seafood products from China in 2007, almost double the volume of four years earlier, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

So just how much kissing of China’s behind is required by our country?  There use to be a time in America’s history that we cared about our people and really could say this was the home of the brave and free.  Not anymore if we have a government that is willing to allow any toxin into our country at the risk of our people.

My only question is when does this nonsense end (maybe Jan. 20, 2009)?  Fools like Cheney, Rove and Bush think we really want to hear a damn thing they have to say about anything?  There is no rewriting this administrations legacy.  The problems are too deep and the horror of the abuse of people and power supersedes anything we have ever seen before.

Enough said.



  1. ChamayO … we have let China get a strangle hold on us since they are holding over $1 trillion of our debt. The love of money from our multinational corporations is why we let China get away with melamine in baby formula , food products and lead in baby’s toys sent here.

    The FDA is a joke, check this out…Two months ago, U.S. regulators said they were unable to set a safety threshold for the chemical. But on Friday (November 28,2008) , just days after the Associated Press reported that the FDA found traces of melamine in infant formula made by one major U.S. manufacturer, the FDA set a safety threshold of 1 part per million in baby formula. (You can read about that here.)

    If you want to learn more about the great FDA..check out this about aspartame, Donald Rumsfeld and the FDA.

  2. I’ve heard the report on the safety threshold but the aspartame is new. Thanks Mike.

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