American Values Just Keep Getting Stronger

December 27, 2008

chip-saltsman-largeI’ve already written that conservative  values at best is insulting to people with real values, now I have to note that their values are also laughable.

I can only laugh at this latest sign of conservative values as I read about the RNC candidate who distributed a CD with a song on it called “Barack the Magic Negro.”  Of course I will note that the candidate, Chip Saltsman — the prick, says he sent the CD out as a parody (I’m still laughing hope you are too).

The CD included other lovely songs such as  “John Edwards’ Poverty Tour,” “Wright place, wrong pastor,” “Love Client #9,” “Ivory and Ebony” and “The Star Spanglish banner.” The title of the CD is  “We Hate the USA,” which is nothing more than a bunch of songs  of satire against liberals.  It should also be noted that the CD came from the likes of Rush Limbaugh (there goes some more of those American values).

The song, which debuted on Limbaugh’s show in late March 2007, latches onto an opinion column in the Los Angeles Times of the same title. That column, penned by cultural critic David Ehrenstein, argued that Obama could serve as a balm to whites who felt guilty about past treatment of African Americans.

Since this is all a parody, I’m right now writing up the lyrics to my new song called “Whitey kept beating his slaves.”  Don’t worry folks it’s just a parody.

Enough said.

UPDATE:  Here’s the video of the song (t/h Online Timepass)

UPDATE 2: This is Peter Yarrow response:

The sending of a Christmas greeting by Chip Saltsman to the members of the Republican National Committee that includes a recording of the so-called parody, “Barack the Magic Negro” is not only offensive, it is shocking and saddening in the extreme. It flies in the face of America’s deeply held hope for a new era in which common ground and mutual respect characterize the exchanges between our national leaders.

I and my co-writer of “Puff,” Lenny Lipton, have been eagerly awaiting an end to the mean-spiritedness, outright disrespect and bigotry that was commonplace prior to this last presidential election. What might have been wearily accepted as “the way it was” in the campaign, is now unacceptable. Obama is not a candidate. He is the President-Elect, and this song insults the office of the Presidency, the people who voted for him, as well as those who did not — and taking a children’s song and twisting it in such vulgar, mean-spirited way, is a slur to our entire country and our common agreement to move beyond racism.

UPDATE 3:  Now Huckabee is making excuses for Chip Saltsman:

Chip should have been more careful in his selection of Christmas gifts, but no one who knows him would ever suggest that he in any way would purposely disparage other people. Chip knows how sensitive such issues are. It shouldn’t be the main factor in the RNC race.

I’m glad to know that Huckabee knows that Saltsman is not that type of person.  Now my relief is complete.  It would have been great if Saltsman had used that type of reasoning before giving out CDs which supposedly flys in the face of the type of person he really is.

Please.  What is this…rhetoric for the good old boys club?  We’re really reacist but will pretend we’re not?

From the moment Saltsman’s stated he wasted time listening to Rush Limbaugh his faith was signed, sealed and his identity known for the racist he so obviously is.



  1. The hilarious part is, the magic negro thing (which was termed yrs ago) was brought to light in a editorial in the LA Times written by a democrat. Rush, took it from there knowing the people would ignore that and blame him.

  2. “a Christmas gift”
    Hmmmh! Let’s see, A long time ago only Jews were God’s chosen people, then comes Jesus and teaches people about the love of God for his creation, he is crucified, dies and rises from the dead and promises to come back to judge humanity, his 12 disciples convert people regardless of race and ethnicity and we have a universal church.
    Then we get the Christian(followers of Christ) right and they judge people by the color of their skin, they talk to God daily but do not have the humility that the saints had after talking to the Lord of time, space and creation, they think he is their personal genie, “name it and claim it” They become increasingly xenophobic and spread their hate around the world even on Christmas day, the birth day of the aforementioned savior who died for the sins of the world. It is indeed a shame. “And Jesus wept.” For this reason there will be final judgment when humanity will realize how we have wronged God and each other by abusing his creation.

  3. Actually, roving, the terminology comes from Spike Lee who popularized the term, deriding the archetype of the “super-duper magical negro” in 2001 while discussing films with students at Washington State University and at Yale University. There was no need to blame Rush for the creation of the term. All he did was use it in the typical manner indicating by use of special insight or powers, helps the white protagonist get out of trouble. The word negro, now considered by many as archaic and offensive, is used intentionally to suggest that the archetype is a racist throwback, an update of the “Sambo” and “savage other” stereotypes. Rush did not create the term he only used it to illustrate and illuminate the racist that he is.

  4. Isa, isn’t it just wonderful to watch so much love morph into nothing but hate? There is no room for tolerance and love. There is only room for disharmony and constant fighting. I think there will be some severe shock when the time comes for some of the loving religious when they meet their maker. Might not be who they expect.

  5. The main point of the entire St. James version of the “Holy Bible” is love. Christ was all about that. he loved prostitutes, sinners, thieves – all kinds of people. I cannot even imagine what he would think of what some people do allegedly in his name. Oh and since he was a Jew, I don’t think he would mind if some of us say Happy Holidays to Jews and others who don’t celebrate his birthday.

    If the wing nuts put half the energy that they put into racism and mean spiritedness, maybe just maybe there would be fewer homeless and hungry people. I know that would definitely please Christ.

  6. The song was a parody done by paul shanklyn and was from a quote by Al Sharpton. But just like what Jessie Jackson said on the open mic you are quick to overlook his apparent dislike of the mesiah.

  7. Get over it superdave :). Who are you kidding with this bit of nonsense? Rush preaches hatred and racism practically every day and his buddy Paul is no different. But, let me just say one thing for people like you that call your self a republican. Keep up the good work. This will ensure a dynasty for the Democrats. In fact, make sure to let empty headed Barbie’s (Palin) voice be heard.

  8. After a diatribe about spueing hate you follow yourself by spueing hate. What Has Sara Palin done to you. The reverend Al used the magic negro comment talking about Obama. It wasn’t reported in the Press. All Rush did is illustrate the double standard. Lord help If a Republican had said it. In most langages the word negro or a variation of it is the word translated Black. That’s why I thought the phrase African American was pc. Jesus does love all people, but his wish for them is to repent if what their lifestyle is, is sin. If someone is homeless because they abuse drugs and people the only cure is repentace.

  9. http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/la-oe-ehrenstein19mar19,0,5335087.story?coll=la-opinion-center
    This is the article that the whole parody was about. Read It for yourself.

  10. Empty headed Barbie?

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