Bush before you leave…just a suggestion

December 27, 2008

Well Bush you have a few days left and since you are someone that believes getting rid of despots is what America does best, here’s a suggestion.   Have you given any thought about the current president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe?

As the cholera outbreak kills hundreds and still rages through the country, it is obvious that Zimbabwe’s already dire political and economic crisis has drastically worsened and plunged the country into a humanitarian crisis.

He could really use a beat down right now. Of course there’s no oil involved or WMDs but those were not your objectives in Iraq as well, remember? So do the world a favor and get rid of that scourge and set those people free.

By the way, it’s the christian thing to do.  That would spruce your pitiful tattered legacy right up.

Enough said.



  1. He’s really got to go. He’s costing lives by day . “Sanctions” aren’t working as they only serve to exacerbate the cholera crisis.

  2. As an african american you should be ashamed. President Bush has done more than anyone to help people in Africa, with aids and malaria. your hatred has you blind.

  3. Dave- Are you serious?

    First of all as a BLACK AMERICAN I would have liked to see him do more for blacks here instead of overseas. Have people forgot about Katrina?

    Sorry, there are other people DO MORE to help with AIDS in Africa and all over the world compare to Bush, and makes it their lives work in fighting AIDS.

    So go away with that BULL CRAP!

  4. You are just wrong and the facts are there to see it you look. If you are black why use a white picture. I only use the term African American to be sensitive, So as to not hurt feelings. So which should I use.

  5. I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and New Orleans wasn’t the only place Katrina hit. There is a certain amount of self reliance required of you if you live on the coast. The people who did not get out share the blame. Also the Black mayor and the Woman DEMOCRAT Govenor are also the First responder level that should have don’t more and allowed more to be done. The feds have to be allowed to respond by the Locals. They sniped we got it under control.

  6. Thank you Heavenly, superdave lives in a bubble that is starting to out shine the wing nut tribe as a whole. We’ve had this talk before, superdave (smile), I don’t have time for hate. Sorry that’s a world you and your tribe members reside in. But I can point out incompetents, Bush. The program you are quoting about has not be able to fulfill its true purpose since can’t-get-it-straight Bush has proposed dumb restrictions.

    Now let’s settle another subject. I am an American so just what does Africa have to do with me, other than humanitarian reasons? Is there something you really wish to tell me? I know you are not so uninformed that you are trying to imply that my current roots are from Africa are you? My family has been in this country since the beginning of slavery and by my birth right I am an American, not an African. How about you? Take care the words you choose. What you said came off as either ignorant or very racist. Please note, this is not a Black people speak only site, obviously. Otherwise why I allow you to comment? Since you can not even tell Heavenly’s origin from her picture, I strongly suggest you drop the whole color scheme for trying to identify people.

  7. ChamayO it is out of an abundance of caution that I say African American. Political correctness has made it imposible to know what exactly to call anyone. Do you prefer Black. My comment was to merely link the post in which you lament that President Bush should do something to help in the current humanitarian crisis going on in Africa. As someone who has an association with a people group there. Where is there an racism there. It is a fact that President bush has done more han any person in the world to fight aids in Africa. His hand have been so tied by those that have screemed that the United Nations and international coalitions is the way to do anything anywhere. Well so much for your impetent forien coalition and the united Nations. The real problem is that most of those being slautered in Africa is Christians and that at the hands of Islamic warlords.

  8. Heavenly’s picture is very small and no disrespect was intended at all. Your post is about Africa.

  9. I understand the need to make him out to be a monster of the worst kind to win the election but that is over now and he is a decent human being. When pebo met him at the white house Mr and Mrs bush were very gracious to the Obamasand extended the most in respect and hospitality to them. It’s time as Americans to stop the namecalling and pull together to get the nation out of the current crisises, The whole world is in an economic down turn, and problems like pakistan and india in the mix, it’s time for us to staand together behind our new President and support him as he takes office. We’ve had 8 years of sore losers. We don’t need 8 of sore winners.

  10. There is a difference between a monster and an idiot. The monster knows what he is doing. That does not sound any thing like Bush. Cheney as a monster, yes. Bush? He’s too dense and self absorbed to participant in that category.

    You can spend your time pretending you plan on standing behind President Obama if it makes you sound more peaceful, but you have told me on too many occasions that Jan 20 is coming as if it is a day to be dreaded and your words above denotes your insincerity.

    We didn’t have 8 years of sore losers, we’ve had 8 years of thief and now its over. The only thing you’ll see in the next 8 years is a collective sigh as adults move into the White House on January 20, 2009.

    After this comment, sorry dude, got to cut you off. Time for you to move on and spread your ill temper under another post.

  11. Dave- Oh my goodness you make me laugh. That is not a picture of me (didn’t know I needed a pic of me to comment).

    Anyways your comment that we should be great full that Bush did something for Africa just because I am black is dump founded on your part.

    Just like Iris my ancestors came here over 200 years ago against their will and my I add were forced to lose any all connections to their mother land, and force to adapt to a slave life with no say in it what so ever.

    So my connection the “Mother land” has been cut a long long time ago.

  12. You know I just noticed that is spelled grateful like this “great full”. HAHAHAHHA

    How did I do that? lol

  13. ChamayO I love my country only second to my love for God. I only say that 1/20/9 is coming because the veil will be lifted and the radical left, I think will be surprised to find that Obama is not going to pay everyone gas bill and house note. I desperately hope that goodwill sets in as Obama takes office and the media begins to talk up our economy instead of talking it down. It scares the daylights out of me to think what would happen if we have a colapse even close to the 30s. Millions live in cities and have no potential to grow vegtables or hunt for food. It would be a catastrope of biblical proportions. I desperately want Obama to succeed, Heavenly and ChamayO, I think that we need debate, and that it needs to be civil. If what I say seems to come across as harsh, I haven’t learned how to speak softly in type, but I am calm and certainly am not angry. While Clinton was President I prayed for him and wasn’t constantly looking for a gotya moment to attack him. We need to stop suspecting each other and learn how to talk to each other again for the betterment of the country. I will never intentionally say anything to be hurtful and if I have I appologize. I want you to see Jesus in me. You still haven’t told me how you like to characterize yourselves. I am of Italian decent , But consider my self only as american. Yes I understand that there is a difference in being white and I am sensitive to that. that’s why I ask. That is me holding the Bass.

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