In it to win it or just in it to make noise?

December 27, 2008

As every day go by I find it amazing that the GOP is still peddling nonsense.  What part of we are in the middle of a horrible recession is not penetrating?  Right now life is being broken down into its simplest terms.

The GOP is either with the American people or against us.  That whole campaign of destroy the American workers just to kill the unions was a disaster, but yet the GOP still persist in being the outsider.   What strikes me as utterly pathetic is that the GOPs name calling game did not work for the general election but it should work now?

I have to endure the daily doses of BS about the Blago taint being transferred to president Obama.  Really?  Why?  Because the GOP says so?  I’m sure you have the wing nut tribe right where you want them.  Living in the paradise called la la land.  What about the rest of us?  You know the 82% that favor president Obama.

Do you really think we have not had enough of perpetual hate, lies, misinformation, false values, and divisiveness?  Take a look at where we are.  There’s just no room for BS any longer.

Meantime in the real world your chosen one, Bush has been nothing if not deceptive and a liar to boot.  There was and is nothing transparent about his leadership (look at the banking bailout if you need a clue) and you dare to mention President Obama not being transparent?  Or you people kidding me with that crap?  My goodness, you people practically keep a scope up his rear side as you followed his every move.  Now, I’m suppose to believe you missed the whole Blago relationship?  Please, go hit up the wing nut tribe that eat that crap for breakfast, lunch and dinner while they mindlessly believe any lie you might utter.

Perhaps you people haven’t noticed but we have an, hm…crisis going on which really leaves no room for your stupid nonsense.

Enough said.



  1. Just wait 1/20/09 is near and super man ain’t going to save the day. He’s just like the ones you hate. The media let the blago thing go unreported. the connection is clear and you will see Rahm plead the fifth. You ought to stay away from the koolaid. there are two wings,left and right. There are left wing nuts too and the tribe is much larger.

  2. I don’t know superdave, your kook-aid have way more spice than mine.
    Yes, I’ve met the left wing nuts and they currently go by the name called the American People. Whereas the right wingnuts just goes by the name nuts.

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