Asteroid Impact (HD)

December 28, 2008

Okay this one caught my attention. This is what the impact of an Asteroid, that was large enough, would have if it hit the earth and landed in the pacific ocean. This is not pretty.

While people are worrying about arguing over the right versus left.  In such a situation as depicted in this video, the Bible would not save any of us.  Wishing science away will not save us either.

We need to reflect on other possibilities that makes subjects like left vs right moot.  Hm…say an economic meltdown, perhaps?

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  1. “In such a situation as depicted in this video, the Bible would not save any of us.”

    Who knows the world may be destroied one day by such an event, but your statement above has problems. First of all the Bible is not our salvations but contains those things spoke by and about he who it is that will save us. Infact it speaks of that very thing, but by that time we will already be with Jesus.

  2. Is that when peace and salvation come to us???? When we are dead and gone????

  3. If your bad you die when you die but if your good you live for ever. Seriously we shall all die if an asteroid doesn’t take us out first, but what is 70 or even 100 year against eternity.

  4. Sorry but I am done with the whole super anything where you are concern. From here on out it will only be Dave. Once again you are residing on the planet alone.

    Everyone is a sinner — including you. Therefore, everyone is bad. Simple logic. There are no good people, at least not by the Bible’s standard. Remember that’s the whole point of Jesus dying for mankind. Hello…remember?

  5. And please, oh master dave, what is good and bad?

  6. Jesus is good every thing else is suspect. We shall all die one day. we shall all chose to accept or deny Jesus. He gets to decide who are true believers based on how they have conducted their lives.(he knows) True believers will be with him forever. That is the whole of Christianity. If you don’t believe that then it just means you don’t believe in Jesus. I don’t worry about an asteroid because our life here is so short. If you are not ready to enter eternity, you should worry about it.

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