Breaking News — Obama’s Secret Report Revealed

December 28, 2008

I got such a kick out of this one.  It seems CNN has finally start to show signs that they have completely lost their minds.

On December 23 they reported that Obama’s Secret Report had been revealed.  See it here.

I don’t know, that stunning development rivals this report from CNN.  See it here.



  1. The facts that are not known could be called secret. Cnn hat is clearly in the tank does have egg on it’s face in light of the fact that Obama was hatched out of all this and blago has been under investigation secretly since 2006. Everyone is asking why weren’t you covering it then. They are just looking for cover.

  2. You know what, I will not even waste my time telling you the many ways what you just said was profoundly stupid.

    Go superdave protect Blago’s virtue.

    Of course it may be more simple. You know, maybe the FBI has been investigating Blago because he’s a crook? Of course we are all innocent until proven guilty.

    Just what are the unknown facts that makes this a secret, hm…I guess agent Fitzpatrick was lying when he said President Obama or his transition team was involved? Thankful there’s you, since you know better. After all Jan. 20 is coming (ha, ha, ha, ha).

  3. Dave-I think if you are going to condemn Obama for having an Chicago government career I guess we should condemn everyone that works in Chicago too along with everyone that has a life in Illinois.

    I guess in your mind no one in that state is clean.

  4. we were talking about a secret report. Do you not think it odd that this has happened the entire two years the election has been going on and we never herad of blago until after the election. Ramm does have a connection and as weird as blago is he may roll over to save his on hide. Chicago polictics are only second to my home state of Luisiana for corupt politicians.

  5. You mean the rest of America didn’t know about this, but the people in Illinois has know about the alleged corruption with Blago. That is why a lot of government officials kept their distance from him way before Fitzgerald’s investigation.

    It’s only big news because Obama is going to be our next President. We didn’t know about Palin’s investigation into her accused allegations with misuse of her power as Govener of Alaska (which was started before she became the Republican VP nominee) until she was in the spotlight.

    We don’t know about a lot of government investigations going on right now because NO ONE IS SPOTLIGHT THEM.

    A resent report came out showing the most corrupt states from 1-10 and Illinois or Chicago was only number 6. So it isn’t that corrupt in my opinion.

  6. Palin are you kidding , we know that her daughters , boyfriends ,mother is , arrested. The dealing in these senate seats and house seats are contenuously be c
    givin to the highest bidder. I believe I heard yesterday that Rahm Emanuel was apointed to his seat.

  7. Dave- What are talking about? No one was talking about Palin’s daughte,r or her boyfriend, or his mother. I was talking about that investigate that the Alaskan legislation brought against her WAY before McCain picked her for his VP.

    You know the allegations that she fired someone because that person wouldn’t fire her ex-brother in-law…..wait maybe you refuse to know.

    I am talking about government affairs that was dealing with Palin.

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