No One Follows the Bible

December 28, 2008

Here’s a little Bible study that is worth listening to. I just love it when I get my dose of scriptures mix in with the comments.  Please know that I find the bulk of them to be false and just another way to spread hate based off of bigoted opinion.

That there are people out there pretending they are living the christian way is what makes the scripture quoting even more comical for me.   If some of those same people were really trying to live a Godly life then what happened to the part where they give up all their worldly goods to follow Jesus?

I’m sure if they looked hard enough they’d find a verse in the Bible where  quoting scripture to get across bigoted ideas is all that there God required.

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  1. ChamayO Chistianity is a personal relationship with jesus. Jesus did not tell everyone to give up riches to follow him. The rich yong ruler was trying to justify himself before Jesus and said he had followed all the commandment since he was little. Jesus has the ability to look at a persons heart and could tell that his riches were his god. In other words his money was more important to him than Jesus. So in answer to his question, he said sell all you have and give it away and follow me and you will have riches in heaven. Who knows if he had just said ok , Jesus may have said now you don’t have to do it because you were willing. Jesus is able to see the heart of us all and he knows even our thoughts. The bible should not be used to argue with non Christians, But if someone like yourself, who names the name of Jesus errors from the truth then it can be used mightily by the Holy Spirt to show you the error. If you don’t heed it then it could mean like the rich young ruler there is something in you life more important than Jesus Many times someone who is a Christian will be overtaken by a certain sin , like adultry. They know it’s wrong but they will find every reason they can to justify it. even the bible.

  2. Oh superdave have I got a site for you to debate your faith untill you drop dead…

    Please go to, http://truelogic.wordpress.com/ Tell him Tom sent you. I have heard all of this stuff you talking about here before and don’t accept it like you do. But of course I know I’m wrong and your right so my friend at true logic will be waiting for you…..God bless :).

    Chamay0: I second that thought, truelogic is just the place for you superdave. You will be in debate mecca…..God bless :).

  3. I got mine from the source .

  4. Oh spare me

  5. You got what from what source?

  6. You know I was raised a Jehovah’s Witnesses until the age of 18 (when I was able to make my own choices).

    We weren’t allowed to celebrate man-made holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and not even our own birthdays (that one really pissed me off……I couldn’t even celebrate my own birth).lol

    We were even not allowed to associate with anyone who was not a Jehovah’s Witnesses included non-member family members.

    Anyways I know I am going off topic, but they were a form of Christianity and had strict doctrines that no one were allowed to question.

    I find people pick and choose what they want to follow out of the Bible instead of following the whole Bible period. Also when the Bible was being constructed many things were purposely left out to fit a certain view or way at it’s time of creation.

    So you see I get worried when a group or institute wants me to blindly follow without question, and if I even try to question anything I am automatically condemned.

    Christianity is too two-faced for me.

  7. Jw are the oposite of Christianity. that are closer to a form of judism. You carry a lot of jw bagage. The bible has been translated numerous times and most serious translation are very close on difficult subjects. But murdering one’s unborn baby for conveniance sake is universally condemned. There is no doudt that women aren’t to be pastors, and homosexuality is call an abomination. Not my words the bible. what has been called sodomy is name after the city of sodom in the bible. According to the Bible that is where Lot lived and when God sent two angel after Lot before <god destroyed the city , the men of sodom where crashing the door to Lots’s house down demanding that he send the to men( the angels ) out so they could have sex with them. He tried to send out his daughters instead but they said no, the men. The sin of homosexuality became synonomus with the name of the city, Sodomy got it’s name. These are not my words. If you feel comdemned, it’s the Bible not me.
    Who can justify killing a baby inside it’s mother’s womb, the safest place it can be.

  8. If God’s word, the bible was completely detroyed, I would still have a compass to guide me,The spirit and the Son. that’s what I meant I got mine from the source.

  9. Dave- Mmmm if Jehovah’s Witnesses are closer to Judism than another form of Christianity and Jesus was Jewish I guess it is the true religion.

    Thanks super Dave for clearing that up. HAHAHAH

  10. Yes the religious Jesus hated him enough to have him crucified.

  11. He came unto his own, and his own recieved him not . But to as many, as believed him, he gsve the power to become the sons of God. It’s in there. The Bible Do you also believe that God smiles on the practice of killing unborn children?

  12. So I guess the Romans had nothing to do with Jesus’ death, even though he was put on the cross BY THEM also just for preaching and showing that the Roman gods where not true gods.

    I guess that has nothing to do with his death right?

    Why are people forgetting how the Jews were living at that time. They were under Roman rule, second class citizens or not even seen as citizens.

    Also I will like to point out something. The time the “the Bible” was constructed it was in Rome by Roman Catholics and philosophers (who purposely left out a lot of things to fit their views and beliefs) and Judism was/is a religion they see as a religion that goes against theirs(Christianity). So of course they would have put something like it was the Jews fault that Jesus had to die to make people turn against Judism and choose Christianity.

    Come one Dave you are a grown man.

  13. I meant to say “Come on….”.

  14. Also why do you keep talking about “killing unborn children” to me. Are you insinuating that because I am a woman that must mean that I’ve have been pregnant and had an abortion?

    Sorry I have not to both.

    I do think it’s a woman’s choice to have it if they don’t want a child or have her tubes tied just like it’s a man’s choice to have a vasectomy.

  15. I Insinuate nothing. I merely point out that to be pro choice and pro gay is inconsistent with being A Christian. Also it is a matter of fact that Jews reject Jesus as The Christ. While the early Churh did decide what Writing to include in the bible, The included writing are credible and the “church” was not the Roman Catholic Church, as they use the douway bible that like the JWs deney the Deity of Christ. The early reformer Martin Luther was imprisoned and eventually put to death for disputeing this point with the Cathiolic Church. His protest lead to the formation of the protestant brand that has been aplied to many churches, as they were in protest of the teachings of the Catholic Church. Are you insinuating that the bible in not credible as a source of information about Jesus and his teachings?

  16. Yes I am insinuating that because what I’ve learned Jesus didn’t write the bible others did, and it’s based on their interpretation on what they felt Jesus meant.

    And not only that like I said (in my previous comment) when the bible was constructed many things were left out purposely to go with a agenda that was already set in place.

    Believe what you want to believe you have that right, but you must understand that others don’t believe what you believe. So that doesn’t give you or anyone else the right to force people to convert or live their lives by what you believe.

    The Christian (the Christian right movement mostly) war on abortion and gay marriage is why people have such a bad image on Christianity. You guys are the ones trying to force people to convert to your way of thinking not the other way around.

    People who are in favor of abortion or gay marriage are not forcing Christians to participate in those things. You have the right not to have abortions or be in a gay marriage, but Christians are trying to force others not to have abortions or to have gay marriages by bring the law into it.

    That is why we are suppose to have a separation between Church and State because not everyone believe in the same thing or follow the same path.

  17. Heavenly, as usual, you get 50 thumbs up from me. You go girl.

  18. Thanks, girl.

    But I am really not the best person to be talking about religion.

    I believe in a higher being, but I just can’t make myself believe in what some of these religions are saying.

    There are too many prejudice actions being done in the name of God.

    Isn’t that using his name in vain?

  19. superdave The big flood in your bible aborted many inocent children in and out of the womb. Your god is responsible for the flooding waters. You are preaching in here with half truths to suit your own delusions.

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