Gordon Johndroe on Bush’s plans to deal with Middle East crisis

December 30, 2008

Its good to know that our tax dollars are at work where Bush is concerned. While Israel and Hamas is in the middle of a very destructive heated war over control, Bush will be riding his bike and continuing on his vacation.

Yet, I have to listen to the news tell me how President Obama keeps saying there is only one president at a time and do so as a cop out?

Is it possible to get a refund? I want every nickle that I gave, via my taxes, from Bush for a job not done at all and continue to be not done.

Reporter: Mr President-Elect, Gordon Brown has called for a ceasefire and access for aid to Gaza. Do you agree the Israelis should now cease their assault?

O: Prime Minister Brown has my greatest respect, he’s a strong friend and ally. However, the US only has one President at a time so I can only urge you to ask President Bush that question.

See how it would work? That would put the focus of the American media back on Bush, who has refused to cut short his final vacation to help deal with the crisis. [Read the full post here]

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One comment

  1. Bush has taken more vacations than any other President. Period. He never earned his keep. I’d like him to give us his retirement money to pay down the debt that he left us with. I’d also like him to pay for his own secret service detail, if he really needs it. Does anyone really want to go near him?

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