It wouldn’t be funny if someone called me ‘Tamron Hall the magic negro anchor lady.’

December 30, 2008

For once the News has their eye on the ball.

Sorry Kate Obenshain but you are so full of sh#t with your assessment. The song, Magic Negro, was created by a conservative and played by a racist conservative.  The fact that the words ‘Magic Negro’ appeared in an article is almost beside the point.  That’s like saying because I saw a movie where some one committed murder and then went out and killed someone it’s the movie’s fault.

To pretend that the song was created to talk about an absurdity in regards to saying President Obama was not black enough is the height of stupidity. Rush Limbaugh, since I have no intention of defending his loud racist azz, plays that song to vent and promote his racist position.

I will give Obenshain credit though. She was right when she said we did not need our politicians dealing in such petty nonsense and that they should be out their articulating a clear message.

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  1. Snaaaaap! Way to go Chamay0!

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