Now Here’s a News Title That Screams We’re Screwed!

December 30, 2008

I read the article earlier, but it’s the title that says it all:

GOP Braces For Soul-Searching After Racist Song Scandal

If nothing else says the GOP is screwed, twisted and flapping in the breeze then that title definitely does.  Honestly, at this point, if they are so clueless and incapable of understanding that their biggest problem is being more inclusive, then there is no hope of them ever being a viable party.  Here let me provide some stats regarding the wonderful GOP and their inclusiveness:

Its Congressional representation is nearly uniformly white, and overwhelmingly male. So much so, in fact, that there is not one single African-American GOP member of Congress (out of 219 or 220); nor, for that matter, are there any black GOP Governors (out of 22). There are just four Republican Latinos in Congress, all Florida Cuban-Americans; one of them, Senator Mel Martinez, has announced his retirement. He is the only non-white or Hispanic GOP Senator. [Read the full post here, the title above post is here]

The GOP, right now, is just down right pathetic.  They have been, at best, pitiful in their attempts to be more inclusive.  Instead of sending out CDs with Barack the Magic Negro, they should have been thinking in terms of how to move away from right wing extremism that caters to this type of exclusion.

I’ve heard of soul searching; but, if you are aware of the problem then why go backwards?  I would think after these many months (almost 2) the message should have been loud and clear why they suffered another defeat.

True, Bush has numbed the American people with his constant going to level Orange, for no apparent reason, to the point that we barely listen to threats anymore.   But no, it was not Bush alone.  People are tired of the whole scare tactic that was continuously being proffered by the GOP with its inclusion of, none too subtle, insinuations.  The constant inferring of all kinds of sinister acts by their opponents has become outdated, stale and ancient.

But let me digress for a moment, I would be remiss if I did not mention that while Americans are losing their homes, jobs, 401(K)s and looking for real answers, the GOP is still pushing racism in all its fabulous glory.

When a 19 year-old white supremacist recently gained a seat on the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee, the election created such an outcry that embarrassed local politicians used a technicality to block his seating. The entire process was buffoonish, although the views of the spawn of a grand wizard of the KKK and his supporters were not.

The GOP needs to confront their biggest problem (or should I say beast?).  The American people have real problems.  We are no longer willing to listen to nonsense while life is turning upside down.

Whether the GOP likes it or not, they are now known as the party of out of touch game players.  They seem totally unable to deal with the fact that no one have time for game players when people could lose their jobs; and, if nothing exemplified their ignorance towards reality, than their fight with the auto workers (not the CEOs mind you) showed us that the GOP is a few eons away from real reality.

Sorry but the GOP get no points for ‘Soul Searching After Racist Song.’  The elections have been over long enough for some sense of direction to have been formulated by the GOP.  To hear that the GOP is once again going back to the drawing board only signifies that they are afraid to enact a real cure and let go of bigoted bias beliefs.  It is now time for solving what ails the people and not what ails the GOP.

It was inevitable that life could not stay the good old boys club forever.  That life has passed.  Either the GOP will join the human race in the 21st century or become extinct.


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