SHOCKER: John Bolton Would Invade Iran Now!

December 31, 2008

johnbolton_01Here’s a shocker.   JOHN BOLTON would attack Iran now. Why do we have to keep listening to this warmonger?  Oh, right he’s on Fox Fake News. Who else would give cause for America to enter a third war without taking into account America’s lack of money (economic meltdown) and troops (serious shortage) that is currently going on?

That’s right this is America, let’s just keep fighting everyone we don’t like.  There’s no need for diplomacy.  Let’s just pretend we can storm troop into Iran and fight them and take control.  Did I say Iran or did I mean Iraq?

Hm…I think I’ve seen this story played out before and it didn’t work out too well.   Now that Israel is considering a cease fire where do we go from here? Do we make some bogus CIA report, lying about Iran’s capabilities, take it to congress and the UN and declare war on Iran?  Then look back 5 years from now after 10 or 20 thousands Americans has been killed along with millions of innocent citizens to confront the fact that the war was a lie?

John Bolton’s kind of stupid needs to be stopped.  It is getting tiresome to listen to people living in bubbles.  Can somebody just get a pin and be done with this nonsense?

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One comment

  1. The coming war with Iran will come sooner or later. I will remember this post when Obama makes the case.

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