The Secret Strategy Behind Blagojevich’s Decision to Pick Roland Burris

December 31, 2008

The Blagojevich (“Blago”) saga continues to rage. Blago has turned into being the media’s story of the century. Never mine if the over playing of the

S. Whiplash

S. Whiplash

subject has some of us ready to shoot our TVs.

Now we are being presented with a strategy as to why Blago did what he did  —  picked someone to fill President-Elect Obama’s senate seat, Roland Burris.  Even after his own lawyer, Ed Genson,  said he would not being appointing any one.  I guess he lied.  Blago has now earned his place in history, right along with that dastardly villain S. Whiplash of Dudley Do Right.

The media will now be on the look out for all contributions made by Burris to Gov. Blago.  The media will tie the story up into a neat package of not one criminal but possibly two.  Hm… I’m sure most of the articles will come with the sinister insinuation of possible criminal activity, whether true or false.

Rod Blagojevich’s choice to fill Barack Obama’s Senate seat, Roland Burris, helped raise money for the governor on multiple occasions. [Read this nonsense here]

There’s sure to be room for a little racial tension as well; especially, since Burris is Black.

In a wild press conference where Gov. Rod Blagojevich introduced Roland Burris as the Senate-appointee to replace Barack Obama, congressman Bobby Rush came to the lectern and firmly offered a racial basis for seeing through the appointment. [Read more on this nonsense here]

None of the current chatter has made it easier for me to generate any real outrage, righteous or otherwise, over Balgo’s deceit.  I’ve become complacent over politicians being corrupt.  It did not faze the media, or me, when Ted Stevens got convicted and continued to run for his senate seat, why would we now get in a tizzy over Blago? It all seems par for the course of American politics.

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  1. I love the use of Snidely, LOL!!!! How funny! And I am right with you. I can watch the Blago-drama anymore. It’s like a basketball game that is slow, just show me the last 5 minutes because that is what really counts.

  2. Please see the article on the Rebuild The Party website entitled Blago, Burris, strict construction vs Dingy Harry and his 50 Klansmen, where I lay out in detail the case that Republicans should stand up for the Rule of Law and support Roland Burris and his attempt to be seated in the Senate.

  3. Seems to me balago has a little bit of spite going on here. Since young upstarts in the democrat party have attained life terms as senator after being apointed by a govenor. How long can burris last.

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