Barack The Magic Negro Will Offend “SOME” People!

January 1, 2009

The leader of the moral majority, Bill Fu_ked-Up-O-Reilly, has spoken. I just love how he has two black hm…pundits even though one was a complete idiot to show how irrelevant it is to call a Black person the magic negro.

Keep in mind the word was first published by a Black writer from the NYT.  Of course Bill the azz-hole Kristol comes from the NYT as well.  And, also, of course the problem is not that the fat pig of a racist Rush Limbaugh introduced the song on his radio show.

No, the only argument is that a RNC member sent it out as a Christmas gift. Saltsman, the politician who sent out the CD, is showing me just how inclusive the republican party is towards people of color. I guess we are all magic negros.

In fact I plan on naming one of my children “whitey is an ass hole” just to show I too feel that that the term magic negro is being taken way out of proportion.  I also am looking forward to releasing my own parody song entitled “Whitey was a slave owning rapist bastard.”  I think it has the potential of hitting number 1 on the chart of completely stupid and racist, right along with the Barack Magic Negro.

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  1. White Americans as a whole may benefit from all sorts of institutionalized racism, but we can’t use established, derogatory phrases about black people without offending someone; so I feel we are oppressed. 😦

  2. Try that oppression with a few decades of slavery and then come talk to me. I have zero pity over your oppression over not being able to insult a race of people. I’m sure the American Indian feels your pain (NOT). Why not take the approach of not wanting to use derogatory terms towards any race.

  3. I agree with you. I was just being sarcastic. 🙂

  4. My bad, I’m getting to the point that all I hear is from the insulter that I can’t tell the difference. Apology all mine. Thanks too that helps me to tone it down some. Not in what I believe but assuming everyone is negative about the truth.

  5. No worries. You know things are bad when it’s hard to tell the difference between satire and real life.

  6. While I do think its inapropriate, the ocasion of the parody was the FACT that the Revrun Al and Jesse where given a complete pass for their inapropriate comments about Obama. Cut his nuts out?

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