Looking Back…

January 1, 2009

lost-in-timeAs we all prepare for the new year, I thought I would take a moment to look back on 2008.  It was a year where I made some very awesome friends (and probably enemies), that would be you the reader.  I forged alliance at work that are very dear.  I was introduced to some wonderful blog sites.  I watched both my daughters graduate.  One from High School and the other from Grade School.  I got to experience one of my daughters going to college and all the financial agony that comes with that bold move.

I’ve had times where I went on a rampage and got to rant with complete joy and bliss.  I got to watch our current crop of politicians continuously remind me why I don’t trust them with their lying azzes.

The best fun of all was campaigning for President Obama and watching him win.  I will remember 2008.  It was the year that the people won and the collapse of the economy was the collapse of the GOP ideology.

Enough said.




    Technically, it isn’t New Years yet for me. I have a couple of hours to go, and I am heading out with friends.

    So have a great and safe time to night, and I hope that we all have better years to come.

    1/20/09 is just around the corner. YAYAYAYAY!!!!! 😀

  2. Why the diference.

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