Mark Halperin Shows His Bush Love Derangement Syndrome

January 1, 2009

Yes Mark in-the-tank-for-right-wing-conservatism Halperin lets us know how he wants to give Bush credit for having done something outside of the total FU we all know that he Bush is.

Halperin dare to bring up no child left behind! That program does not work, just ask any parent. That you, Halperin, dare to mention Bush keeping us safe — please are you freaking kidding? To close that dumb topic out Halperin wants to talk about Bush’s good work on Aids/HIV in Africa? Stop it, we all know that Bush’s restriction of who can receive that benefit is based on his religious belief and is a disgrace for an outreach program.

Yes, you, Mark Halperin, that wrote an article telling McCain what he needs to do to beat President Obama are just wrong. Why you are still afforded TV time is beyond my comprehension, except to note that Chris Matthews (Tweety) has no discretion when picking jerks to speak on his show.

While you, Halperin, are so busy trying to be part of the whole revisionist act of Bush’s legacy why don’t you just declare yourself as a bias writer and make it easier for the uninformed to know who the hell you really are.

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