60,000 Want to Volunteer for President Obama’s Inauguration

January 2, 2009

inauguration-large1It must be noted that when you have 60,000 people volunteering for something that requires less than 30,000 people it must be considered special.

An unprecedented 60,000 people have sent applications to the Presidential Inaugural Committee to volunteer for activities surrounding the swearing-in of Barack Obama — even if it means simply giving directions or friendly hellos to out-of-towners at airports and Metro stops.  [Read the full article here]

This is just another sign that the people did not get it wrong when they voted Barack Obama to be the new president.  Their commitment and dedication seems to be overwhelming.  That we desperately want him to succeed is an understatement.  The 25% that either fear him because of his race or because they are die hard republicans pale in the face of the 75% that are proud to say that he is our new president.

A national poll suggests that three-quarters of the public thinks President-elect Barack Obama is a strong and decisive leader, the highest marks for a president-elect on that characteristic in nearly three decades. [Read the full post here]

This time we did not let it just happen or get it wrong.  In fact most people are very proud to say the words President Obama with a smile and some with total glee.


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