Alls Not Right in the World of Roland Burris

January 2, 2009

burris1_oconnorI know being picked by Governor Blagojevich to fill President Obama’s senate seat is taint enough, and will ultimately lead to every reporter digging through his, Roland Burris, garbage and laundry to get any news about him.

But there is something wrong with building a monument before your dead.  I mean, it could be tradition in Illinois to do that, but it’s just so depraved.  Roland Burris has built his (maybe because he’s 71?) and have it listing his accomplishments with room for additions.

Sorry, but there’s something just slightly sick and twisted about that.  I thought that was something we talk about and when the time came our loved one took care of the details and got it done.  Not you built it in advance.  How morbid is that?



  1. It’s not so morbid in my family. HA HA

    My grandmother has already picked her grave site and tombstone size paid in full. She also has written in her will what she wants to be put on the tombstone.

    The reason she said she done this is because when her mother was buried there was a fuse over where her mother should be buried and what (size, color, and text) should go on it.

    I think he is just trying set things in place for his family for they won’t have to do it. Also it’s a good way to have what you want others to know about you without worrying that your family will forget something.

    Or it’s a sign of his ego. lol

  2. Okay we are in agreement. That’s one big azz ego to go so far. I can see me picking and planning, which I have done. But building such a monstrosity is absurd. I guess he wasn’t leaving anything up to historians. I almost applaud his tenacity making sure people get it straight, if I didn’t have question about him allowing tainted Blago to suck him into that mess.

  3. Well yea it could be the latter because I heard that the reason he excepted the nomination to become the new Senate of IL is to one day tell his grand kids that he was Senate.

    He only wants the seat for bragging rights. lol

  4. I can’t quite make out the name on the right marker,but it seems his wife has preceeded him in death, in that case not so unusal. I thought you would be pleased with blago’s choice. Seems jjj has some problems on the tapes of blago. It will be interesting to see if he’s let into the hollowed chamber.

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