Is it January 20th yet?

January 2, 2009

bush-the-assOur fearless leader gave us words from his infamous wisdom on December 31.  He wanted us to know just how much he cared about us and that he is doing everything in his power to sprint to the finish line.

Earlier this year, I promised that I would sprint to the finish of my time as President,” Bush said in the statement. “We are working hard to keep that promise. Despite the challenges we face, nothing encourages me more than the character of the American people, whose acts of courage and service sustain our free society and make this the greatest country on Earth.”

Now let us look back on some of his accomplishments for just the year 2008:

Bush really shouldn’t worry about his legacy.  Trust me,  none of us will ever forget all the wonderful contributions Bush has made to our country’s decline.  If there’s one thing most of us wish for him to do in his sprint to the finish it would be to  do no further harm.


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