Last Post of the night: Cheney and Madness

January 5, 2009

crazy1Listening to Cheney is stunning at best.  Of course if you are a warmonger or from the wing nut tribe his every word will sound reasonable.  But their is no denying that Cheney possesses a certain madness; especially,  in his belief that  what this administration has done in regards to Iraq and torture was acceptable.  That Cheney dares to mention the justice department (“DOJ”) being in agreement with the current administration also shows his madness.   How is it that if your administration staffs the DOJ with wing nuts and GOP operatives there is an expectation of any descent regarding your actions?

The fact that Cheney totally dismisses as irrelevant the Supreme Court’s objections regarding this administration’s decisions is another sign that he has some form of madness.  That the, in the tank, DOJ sided with Bush and Cheney does not change our constitution or our international agreement on torture.   It only goes to illustrates the collusion that was going on between this administration and the DOJ.

It is somewhat evident that President Obama must be aware of Cheney’s madness.  Perhaps that is why he has thus far steered clear of seeking any type of advice from Cheney.  That Cheney can keep spouting this nonsense — that he and Bush did everything by the book — is highly humorous.  That he feels that our current financial crisis is not directly due to this administration’s hands off policy when it comes to governing is even funnier.

Yet, my favorite part of the interview was when Cheney suggested that President Obama not stick to campaign rhetoric.  What Cheney was really telling the American people was that the war in Iraq was planned with or without a 911.  We all know going to war with Iraq was not part of Bush’s campaign rhetoric.

What an utter loser Cheney is.  He can’t even stay on message to promote Bush’s legacy.  Some where in that mush he calls a brain he must see that his every appearance is hurting Bush, not helping.  Oh…yea.  I forgot.  Cheney is crazy.

Needless to say I gave Bob Schieffer an award for asking the “Most Asinine Question” of the day.  He really asked Cheney if he could, would he do it (torture) again?  Was there really an expectation that Cheney would feel any remorse?  Most crazy people do not harbor those type of emotions.  Come on, what part of Cheney’s madness is not being recognized?  In fact, what is wrong with our media asking real blunt questions?

Why not ask Cheney a question such as, now that it is universally perceived that torture is wrong by 80% of Americans, how do you plan to stay out of jailWill you use an insanity plea?


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