Roland Burris, Racism and Harry Reid

January 5, 2009

blagojevich-and-burris-with-wordsFor the most part I have not weighted in on the real issue regarding Governor Blagojevich (“Blago”)  selecting Roland Burris to fill President Obama’s senate seat, except to note that Burris would be a media target and had a some what inflated ego.  Unfortunately, I had the unpleasant experience of seeing Burris hold an interview where he implied that if the democrats did not allow him to fill the senate seat it would give “the appearance” of racism being the objective for barring him.  Oh… Really?  Why?

That particular  suggestion by Burris went way beyond the pale.  Granted, for Blago the appointment of Burris has all kinds of wonderful legal defense moves should the time come and Blago is prosecuted; but, for Burris, that statement is divisive at best and totally unacceptable.  Way before Blago picked Burris the democrats had, as a collective party, made it known that anyone Blago picked would be unacceptable, and I don’t recall any democratic leader tacking on the words “especially if that person is a Black American.”

At the press conference, Blagojevich brought more trouble, including the issue of race, to an already florid scandal. He announced that he was appointing a successor, former Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris, to Barack Obama’s vacated U.S. Senate seat — a move that will continue to roil the political waters in Illinois and ensure a continuing distraction for the President-elect. By naming Burris, the governor blatantly ignored warnings by Senate majority leader Harry Reid that any Blagojevich appointee would not be seated by the Senate.

In fact, before Burris’s selection, the media was in agreement.  Now it seems they have decided to follow the path of a racist conspiracy.   Of course the whole affair has caused me to reexamine Burris.  The fact that he would travel down that particular path for his appointment seems to be some what underhanded.  The implied message is that if Burris is not seated he will start a race riot of some sort.

Considering the uncertain times we are going through it is totally unacceptable for any politician to play the race card, that is inclusive of Chip Saltsman.  To further Burris’s cause he is now accusing Harry Reid of being the target of propagating racism.  Sorry, but that’s just so wrong.  The fact that David Gregory, of Meet the Press, thought it necessary to force Reid to defend him self against such accusations only showed how shallow Gregory is as a reporter.   That race was not a factor before Burris was selected seems to be a forgotten truth in the world of the TV media.  Like starving wolves, some of the public is feeding off of this nonsense with a frenzy.

I can only say that it is with the greatest of pleasure that I do not live in Chicago and would find myself stuck with an ego filled, race baiting politician such as Burris.  He is not some one I would desire to represent me or my people.


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