A Father’s Moment to Pause

January 6, 2009

You’ve got to admit that George W. Bush has pulled out the stops when it comes to promoting his never-can-be-repaired legacy.  He has put all the troops out there, Cheney, Rice, Laura, and advisers.  He even had good old dad out on the stump.  Yet when dad was asked about Bush’s failures he told the world at large to Google it!



  1. And you’ve got to admit that it’s President George W. Bush if you want the other half of this country to acknowledge “President” Barack Obama.

    President actually did a good job – except for the part where he failed to stand up to the tratiorous Dem leaders; where he failed to stand up to their obstruction of reigning in the fraud at Fannie and Freddie; and where he failed to attack Iran for killing our troops.

    Yeah, his legacy speaks for itself, no matter how the commies…er, Dems spin it.

  2. I need to introduce you to my beloved friend 1superdave. You and him could probably trade remember when letters. Sorry no, you are speaking to the wind. Your words must have got lost in translation. I speak English not ignorance or delusion. Had I lived in a bubble for the past 8 years you might have had a chance. Unfortunately, I was living right here in reality and the only thing Bush will have done correctly would be to get the hell out of the white house. There’s a reason 75% of Americans want to see him gone. Something about incompetency, economic meltdown, pointless war, Katrina, etc., etc., etc.

    Sorry dude, I don’t sip the kool-aid and only go into the sewer when I have to discuss Bush.

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