Ann Coulter Holds Herself Up As Champion Of Family Values Despite A Record Indicating Otherwise

January 6, 2009

Here the queen of family values is in all her glory.  I am most impressed that she manage to show up without being drunk, which she is good for doing. The fact that she can spout off about family values even though she promotes pre-marital sex is a clear sign that conservatism has lost it edge.

Listening to her reminds me why I think the chick is demented.  She seems to live in a world of her own making, that is completely severed from reality.  Good for NBC for knocking that bubble head off its show.

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  1. Wow. I have to agree. She is totally demented. Even Hannity wasn’t embracing her wholeheartedly. She is a total idiot and completely self-serving. Who in their right can take her seriously and why in hell do people buy her books and put money in her pocket?

  2. The same people putting money into Hannity’s, Riley’s, and the other right wing nuts pockets.

    They all sound the same to me.

    The only difference that Coulter has is that she has breasts and a vajaja.

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