How could this happen? Ann-the-crazy-B Coulter was Canceled by NBC

January 6, 2009

coulter-lauer-largeI’m with the public at large where Ann Coulter is concerned.  Why should NBC invite, not just a conservative, but a demented conservative onto their show to promote her equally demented book?  People should not have to start their work day off listening to quakery.  That is way too early in the morning for listening to that nonsense.

Sorry wing nut tribe but you lose this battle.  Listening to some wanna be nut talk about how Michelle Obama is a pretend Jackie-O doesn’t start any one’s day off with that extra punch of knowledge.  Trivia — or should I say jealousy — is just not ranking high in our current climate.  Something more important is going on then listening to some envious and jealous nut talking about all the things she hate.



  1. Wow. Who’d a thunk those sensible Democrats wanting to preserve our rights would realize freedom of speech is not one of those rights.


    Liberty is dead.

    The dictators are here.

  2. What ever. I am not in the habit of listening to every nut just because they have freedom of speech. So no, I will not be Ann-crazy Coulter’s freedom of speech champion. That’s like saying let the serial killer run amok because he has freedoms too. Give me a break with the non-comparison. Ann is a nut and I rank listening to her right along with listening to Rush-Racist Limbaugh. Now bite me.

  3. Chamy0, I am totally with you on this one. I do not consider it squashing freedom of speech rights. Coulter says outrageous lies to get attention. She has no pure motive. She is an attention whore. She knows that people will buy her books and watch her on TV just because she spews hateful, unbelievably insensitive (remember the comments she made about the 9/11 widows?0, and disgusting comments. Well guess what, Coulter? Finally NBC said enough.

    I actually Twittered the Today Show person on Twitter and asked why they were having Coulter on. I guess enough people let them know they were sick of this woman and didn’t want to listen to her. NBC was being accused of trying to bump up their ratings and selling out by having her on. I’m glad they reconsidered. I agree that letting her have free speech is like having a serial killer come on the show any time they want to tell lies and defame people.

    Just the sight of Coulter’s picture makes me want to throw up. She is a beautiful woman physically who is very ugly on the inside.

  4. How is not having Ann Coulter on the Today Show stopping her Freedom of Speech?

    She is still free to say what she wants anywhere she goes.

    By the way, I thought her jaw was broken? Damn that woman heals fast, maybe to fast.

    Is she human?

  5. no matter how harsh Ann Coulter sounds, she seems to do her homework on the claims she makes…

  6. Yes and it called make it up as you go along to fit your desired pattern.

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