Wing Nut Tribe Fun!

January 6, 2009

I thought I would take a moment and have my time of glee.  Let’s see how can I upset the wing nut tribe and have them wailing and gashing in the street (or home)?

  • Al Franken has been declared the winner of the senate race in Minnesota by 225 more votes.
  • The RNC Chair declared that Bush’s Iraq war was the biggest failure of all time (even the rational of the tribe knows a loser when they see one).
  • NBC canceled Ann Coulter (reported that one earlier)
  • President Obama picked for the top Intelligence department is opposed to Bush’s use of torture and wiretapping (finally, America can become respective again).
  • Norm Coleman is still being investigated by the FBI (just like any other crook no matter party affiliation)
  • The republicans are still lost and warring amongst themselves (talk about the lost tribe)
  • Bush Sr. answers the question of Bush Jr having any failures by telling people to Google it (pathetic)
  • Chip Saltsman is a fool and his distributing the magic negro CD will ultimately lead to his lost.  (If not, it will prove that the republican party is still filled with a bunch of sore losing racist)
  • Rush Limbaugh will finally get caught in a foreign country doing something inappropriate (because I know he’s not a God fearing christian.  He’s just a racist.)
  • Bill Kristol will have a complete meltdown from his lack of making any real predictions.

Okay, that was fun.  So what if I made some of it up?  The wing nut tribe does it all the time.  It was my time to shine.

Enough said.


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