Bobby Rush: Refusal to seat Burris just like ‘dogs being sicced on children in Birmingham.’

January 8, 2009

So Burris and his merry band of bullsh#tters are still playing the race card. How utterly disgraceful. Yes, racism does still exist in America, but what is happening with Burris is not an example of racism. WTF? I knew it would be a matter of time before Burris would be seated but his repetitive pushing of the race card to force his seating as a jr. senator is beyond distasteful.  Did Burris forget that the overwhelming majority of senators are selected by the American people that voted said senator into office? I could see his point if senators were only created by a small group of politicians, but such is not the case.

I can only hope, like hell, that another democrat comes along (and to stick it to him I hope he/she is Black) and beats his old azz in 2010.

Regarding this stupid clip, Bobby Rush did no more than turn racism into a trivialization by pretending Burris was experiencing a form of racism. That is so far from reality that it only serves to make America’s real shame of racism mote.  The fact that the media is playing the game that racism exist shows that it is not about real news but about ratings.  The media knows damn well this whole issue has zero to do with racism.

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