President Obama’s Agenda

January 8, 2009

Well this put one of my greatest fears to rest.  I must admit I had to wonder if we were going to continue to be a nation of idiots. We knew what caused our economic meltdown, but not much was being said about making sure we didn’t repeat the same mistake. There is something good to be said about the adults taking control of the White House.

It was quite enjoyable to listen to someone who has a real honest to God plan for getting us out of this mess and not just on a superficial level but on a long term basis, inclusive of dealing with the deficit.  The finest words to my ears was that it would not be business as usual and that our new president has confidence for all of us.  Right now, we Americans need all the confidence we can get.  Its not easy living in this current economic sh#t hole.



  1. what did he say? Nothing. It sounded like a stump speach. We have a saying in the south. It’s a long ways from the lip to the hip. It’s time that he realize that he can no longer just critisize, but has to face reality and say I will do , fill in the blank. As fo r gitmo what would yoou like to bet it’s still open this time next year. Seems everyone they ask to that those poor mistreated misunderstood men who were on victims of cercumstance, says no thanks. They are the worst of the worst.

  2. No it is time to talk about the things that got us into this mess. Ignorance bliss is no longer a substantive plan. If we will not confront how we got to where we are then we will mindless continue to follow the same ignorant path.

    You like so many other uninformed keep hope alive by believing GITMO will stay open. Sorry dude, it’s just not going to happen. I have to remind myself just how much you sip the kool-aide (by the bucket full) and pray, Lord he knows not what he is talking about, forgive him for his desire to live in ignorant bliss.

  3. where are you going to put the men detained at gitmo.

  4. So you don’t have an answer either.

  5. I’m sorry dave I’ve been very busy at the new site and have not been on point with giving responses for the past two weeks. I’m sure there is plenty for us to discuss but I am just a tad preoccupied. Will be more attentive over the weekend.

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