Like the Ever Ready Bunny…Sarah keeps going and going and going

January 9, 2009

This is so sad. What part of its over and she lost just can’t penetrate her small mind? Here Barbie is giving an interview where she’s still trying to get the world to believe she was a victim. WTF? Please.  Barbie came on the scene with more luggage then Miarah Carey.

In this interview with an equally deluded fool, John Ziegler, Barbie has a whole host of reasons why she came off so lame.  Ah…excuses, excuses, excuses:

  1. Her incapability to articulate a coherent thought via a sentence has some how  become someone else fault? Hm…Katie Couric, Tina Fey and the McCain campaign staff perhaps?
  2. She wants to blame liberal bloggers for making the media write negative articles about her and attacking her family? Does she not understand what The Druge Report is and just what the hell it does for the conservative party?
  3. Golly, gee whiz, let’s see how the media treats Caroline Kennedy compared to her don’t cha know.  Never mind Caroline Kennedy is not running for the highest position in America.  Can we say comparing pizza to pianos?  Barbie didn’t help her self by claiming their is a class system that determine media bias.  Sorry that can only work if you’re a minority.  Plus, since the media has not been kind to Caroline Kennedy just what the hell is Barbie’s point?
  4. The moment of total laughable BS was when she was asked by Ziegler — let’s keep in mind Ziegler’s only goal is to push a media bias theory, irregardless to real fact — if she would have been treated better had she been running on the ticket as a democrat. That’s not even a dream, that’s hard core tripping on heavy drugs.  That could only have happened if she had a shred of intelligence, real personality, coherency and discipline.

Can we ask her some real questions like:  What’s up with your dropout soon to be son-in-law who had to resign his from his job?  What message does your 18 year old daughter give to other teenagers her age by having a baby?

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  1. “Can we ask her some real questions like: What’s up with your dropout soon to be son-in-law who had to resign his from his job? What message does your 18 year old daughter give to other teenagers her age by having a baby?”

    Chamayo; do you even read what you write. I know you didn’t mean it to sound that way but it is ok to have a baby vesus killing it. And I know you you didn’t mean to imply that somehow she has to answer for her daughters boyfriend. I think 18 makes her an adult even in Alaska. Sara Palin Has no trouble getting us bitter clingers to understand what she talking about. Why hate someone you don’t even know.

  2. Dave I meant what I said. I have an 18 year old so don’t go down roads you have no idea what the path is. No one is suggesting anyone abort their child; so, by all means bring it up a notch. Nor did my question imply that, only your mind did. I guess you came to that conclusion because of the narrow world you live in.

    If the mother of the year, barbie, had taught her daughter to have responsible sex — using protection — having a baby at such a young age would have been rendered mote. Yes I did mean to ask Barbie about her son-in-law since she made it her business to do spin control by injecting herself into a story that was not about her but about him. She doesn’t get to play on both sides of the story without being subjected to questions.

    So far as hate goes, one of your favorite words I see, I am tired of telling you it does not require a person to hate in order to ask questions. If to ask questions is to hate than you live in a very narrow world and must allow your self to be subjected to the whims of anyone’s control without question. Now see, I’ve given you your opening to send me a batch of scriptures to remind me that it’s okay to be mindless because your God will take care of everything. I prefer mine though. The one that tells me its okay to not be stupid and use your own mind instead of being dependent on others to tell you what to do if you get a paper cut.

  3. you just always run her down. Her name isn’t Barbie. You and I are supose to love the same God. nuf said.

  4. FANTASTIC Chamay0! I just started a blog because she pushed me over the edge the last couple days and I’m putting up a link to this right now… you just about made my day!


  5. I am waiting with baited breath for your assessment of Caroline Kennedy’s recent interviews.

    Let’s see… She has ran a state, and Obama ran a campaign based on hope and change and nothing of substance. And while peple malign her character, let me just ask about your outrage of Obama’s admitted drug abuse. His constant stream of lies, including the one where he speaks of growing up on food stamps,when he didn’t.

    Obama won the election and he is my president, and while I am proud that this nation has elected its first African-American president, I wish it would have been one with more experience and common sense.

    And by the way, where was the news media in covering the Obama misquotes (I’ve been to 57 states) and his lies (I never knew Reverand Wright had those view)? And lord, don’t even mention the name of Joe Biden!

    I’ll anxiously await your new blogspots examing these gaffs!

  6. This from the party that states George Bush was selected not elected!!! So if Caroline Kennedy is selected, I mean appointed, to the Senate, does this mean she has less authority than any other senator when it comes to voting on critical issues? Is your justification for Kennedy’s chance of appointment based on the fact that people who fail to communicate well are qualified for high office are desirable if they are selected, but not if they have to be elected?

    You rationalize Kennedy’s lack of experience due to your preconceived political viewpoints. I am first to admit that Sarah Palin is not qualified at this time to be vice president, but then again, Obama and Kennedy are not qualified for their upcoming jobs as well.

  7. Let’s see if I have outrage over his drug use. Hm…then I guess that would make me a BS artist since when I went to college I too indulged in a few drags on a couple of joints.

    As far as Caroline Kennedy goes…why do you care? You obviously don’t give a damn about the woman. More importantly, what is the point of comparing apples to wrenches? Do you think that by ranting and raving I’ll get a new perspective on someone I object to 100% as being a representative for my gender? Obviously, I was not vocal enough. Let me correct that error. Sarah Palin is pathetic, misguided and utterly stupid and need to just go the hell away.

    As far as how you feel about President Obama? WTF? Now why would I care? That’s your personal problem. Live with it or die, who cares. He is the president and what the hell you may or may not want at this point really doesn’t matter. I’m sure you wished Sarah could speak English without mangling the simple construct of making a sentence, but that’s another one of those who care things. Now bite me.

  8. In your point is….? I’m glad you acknowledged Barbie’s lack of ability, good for you. Now what? So far as how you feel about Caroline Kennedy, so what? Since she is not being voted into office what’s your point? I’ve already shared with you my sentiments toward President Obama and really don’t care how you feel about him because he is the President and that sorry excuse (and thief) for a president is getting the boot.

    But one thing you can bank on, I will continue to call that stupid, vain, superficial, incompetent, clinically politically vacant, glory seeking, English mangling, political thief what she is — LOSER! Once again, bite me.

  9. ChamayO . I know that’s not how you would want other, to treat you.

  10. I like you much, but let’s not pretend I have one ounce of respect for her. So far as how I am treated — I deal with racism every freaking day and only get by due to my education. So no, I really do not subscribe to how I want others to treat me. Let the B. walk in my shoes and then come back and ask me a question.

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