Only in America…

January 9, 2009

bildeI’m currently reading up on the coal sludge spill that took place in TN.  It strikes me as transparently ironic that whenever these major energy corporations have what they call a minor disaster the end result is that their rates go up.  Why?  So we, you know the people that had zero to do with the minor disaster, can pay for the clean up and any and all resulting law suits.

At a minimum, TVA’s massive coal ash slide in Harriman is expected to cost tens of millions of dollars to clean up. It’s a burden that will reach much further than the damaged homes in the area around the facility.

TVA Board Chairman Bill Sansom told The Associated Press on Wednesday that electric rates will likely increase to help cover the costs.

You can see a video from their [TN] local news station reporting on the increase of rates here.  Where is the accountability for these energy industries to pay for their own mistakes?  Lets get real here.  We can share in the cost of cleaning up their mess, but we can’t share in the profits they earn?

I live in New York and not too long ago there was a massive steam pipe rupture in the middle of midtown Manhattan.  One person was killed and another was seriously burned but survived.  The out come?  Why Con Edison increased their rates, of course.

It seems we need to have better regulations in a lot more areas then just finance.  We the people should not have to keep paying the price for environmental disasters that impact our lives while greedy, lazy corporations pass the cost on to us but none of the benefits.



  1. As a life long farmer until the age of 40, when I could no longer afford to farm and had to change my ocupation, there was a bumper sticker that I thought summed it up well. It said ” If your going to talk bad about farmers, don’t do it with your mouth full” . I supose it could be changed in this sittuation to say ” If your going to talk bad about power companies don’t do it in a well lit, cooled and heated home” A public utillity has it rates fixed rediculously low by people elected who are trying to be reelected. They are micro managed by endless government agencies that tell them how they are to do everything. Including storeing coal ash.

  2. You have not idea the high rate I pay in New York. It may be that way where you are from but it is not that way from state to state. Once again you are missing the point.

  3. @ Dave- What do farmers have to with this, besides also having to pay the rate increase?

    The point that Chamay0 is saying is that these corporations have these major incidents due to lack of maintenance, faulty equipment, or loss of oversight from deregulation.

    So when things don’t work out i.e big environmental spills the taxpayers (including farmers since you (Dave) want to add them) will have to pay for the clean up by ways of having rates go up.

    So not only are residents hit with a major environmental spill (not caused by them) they then have to pay for it.

    The companies that cause these incidents in the first place has NO lose at all.

    I think that is the point that chamay0 is trying to get across.

  4. That should be “have No lose…..”.

  5. on this one it is you whom is unaware. This site has fulltime regulators from the epa an state deq. The point I was making about farming is that it’s good politics to have cheap food and cheap electricity. This spill wasn’t in NY. In Tenn. the rate is Probably $.10 a kilowatt. The ash was being stored because of government regulation according to the way government regulation says it must be stored with the oversight of government inspectors.. They had reccord rain fall amounts that caused the slide. What you have here is a mess created by the same people who run social security. and you want them in control of healtcare???????

  6. I like you big time, but you are still missing the point.

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