Don’t care how it pisses you off…

January 10, 2009

You know if stupid wants to get on stage and show just how stupid they are then all we can say or do is say by all means help yourself.  Then there was Barbie.  Why she can not understand the simple message of just shut the F-up and go away is beyond me.  She agreed to have an interview with one of her own, conservative Ziegler, and now that it has not been viewed as favorable as she desired, she is now claiming, once again , that she was a victim, and that she was not portrayed correctly.

Then you had the fool Ziegler, author of the empty headed Barbie still looking stupid interview, wanting to fight his dumb azz cause — the media won the election, not President Obama.  (I know, he ignorantly discount that it was the American people voting.  His mind set is that we were mostly too stupid or ignorant of the facts to make a confirmed decision.  Whatever.)

How totally pathetic of Barbie to pretend that once again she was being distorted.  Can some one please get that B a mirror.  She’s needs time to look and see where the problem really is coming from.

Why won’t she go away?  Alaska is good and far away.  Go home.  Must we take up a petition?  Barbie thought the interview would be a vehicle for her to shine.  Ignorance doesn’t shine.  It’s like a shrill scream, it’s irritating.




  1. to much coke.
    goes right to the groin.

  2. So does beer so watch out.

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