Fox Fake News anchors, contributors falsely assert, repeatedly, that Obama’s tax credit plan gives money to people who don’t pay taxes

January 10, 2009

I am so sick of this GOP non-issue BS that they keep spouting. Obviously they are having a hard time in understanding the message that we the people sent. Although it was very simple: GET OUT.

Hey, how about we reduce the salaries of BS Fox Fake News anchors to our levels and let’s see how much they stump on their own BS.  I bet you that would stop this nonsense in quick order. No more pay for play pundits, no more opposition, no more how dare he critics. They would find themselves being in the same F-up situation that we are in.

Honestly, this crap didn’t work during the general election so why must we still keep listening?

In recent days, Fox News anchors and contributors have falsely asserted, repeatedly, that people who don’t pay taxes would be eligible for a $500 individual tax credit included in President-elect Barack Obama’s proposed economic recovery plan, echoing an oft-repeated myth from the presidential campaign that Obama’s proposed tax cuts would go to people who don’t pay taxes. In fact, Obama has proposed a tax credit for working Americans, meaning they do pay Social Security and Medicare taxes.

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