More Coal Spillage by TVA

January 10, 2009

It was reported today that there was another coal spillage.  This time it occurred in Alabama.

TVA has estimated the spill of gypsum slurry at 10,000 gallons, said Scott Hughes, spokesman for the Alabama Department of Environmental Management.

“We’ve got somebody on site who’s monitoring water quality to make sure there’s not any impact to aquatic organisms,” he said. Utilities that draw drinking water supplies from the Tennessee River downstream are not expected to be impacted, he said.

This is getting sicking.  The fact that the GOP wants to fight infrastructure growth is madding.  It is obvious that we need to update the many pipes, levees, polls, roads, bridges and wall restraints of our country.  Damn it, this government has been taking our money for ever.  Now we have a real president that wants to fix crap to keep some of these accidents from happening and the senate is balking over stupid tax breaks?

Let me be blunt.  F-them.  I need crap cleaned up and fixed.  I’m not interested in listening to the opposing opinion.  The opposing opinion is the same dumb azz opinion that let us slide into an economic melt down.  Life is very simple, their time is up, now get the hell off the stage.  I don’t care that their is some ignorant farmer in the middle of who-the-hell knows where still championing the GOP cause and is afraid of the intellectuals taking over.  Nope, don’t care about their illiterate and twisted biblical based fears.  The dummies have had control of our country for the last eight years and it has reaped up nothing but misery.

Here’s a link to assist congress to get moving in the right direction:  http://pol.moveon.org/economy/?r_by=15351-9268425-BoA5xix&rc=confemail.  I am beyond sick and tired of our current government’s inactivity towards us the middle and lower class.  Time for a change and time to make a stand.


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