Obama: We Do Not Torture!

January 10, 2009

In the face of all those warmongers and those that want to believe Bush will live on with his incompetency. GITMO is done. Wake up. We are now in the era of moving on and restoring our once great standing in the world. The time of being deceptive, a constitutional shredder and criminal is just done. No, sorry there is no hope for GITMO continuing .  It’s just not going to happen.  Can you hear me superdave?.

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  1. Did you hear Rove’s interview with O’Reilly? Now they not only admit we were torturing, but that Obama will find out soon enough that it’s necessary. What a bunch of immoral, unAmerican bullying, pseudo-leaders.Change is a comin’.

    Sheer Progress

  2. Torture doesn’t even work. I don’t know why those ODBs ever OK’d the use of torture. Thank God Obama is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! America’s dignity is back.

  3. Hi, Catherine, Those ODBs are evil. that can be the only reason for authorizing torture or just pure stupidity and or ignorance. They only get the confessions that they want to hear from the ones being tortured, not the truth.

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