Joe Scarborough’s 6-minute defense of torture.

January 13, 2009

I caught this crap this morning. This is why the right wing nut tribe just sucks up Morning Joe. He gives them just what they want. It doesn’t matter if his opinion is absent of facts or reality. It’s Joe’s way or the highway. Now, irregardless to known fact, waterboarding has helped up out. Oh? Really?

Why are we being subjected to this crap? I mean really! We have an economic melt down going on and this is what’s being shoveled at us? Just feed us pure BS and it’s a good thing?

This is Joe in one of his saddest moments. He’s still claiming that GITMO will stay open. Based off of the theory that when Obama knows the facts (yes, the ones President Obama has already been privy to) he will keep the torture going. How utterly sad Joe is in this his worst moment.

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