The Battle is not over but…My Girl is Winning

January 14, 2009

r-hillary-largeWell if today’s senate hearing for Hillary Clinton is any indication on how she will do, then she’s a winner.  The sheer fact that the republicans praised her presence spoke volumes.  No, I’m sure the republicans are saving their biggest battle for Eric Holder.  Why?  He’s potentially the man who can put a lot of them behind bars.  So strap yourself in and get ready for a real ride when its Eric Holder’s turn.  The fight will be on.  Not from all republicans (think goodness not all of them are criminals), but from enough and we can bank on that.

At the opening of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s confirmation hearings for the post of Secretary of State on Tuesday, the ranking Republican on theSenate Foreign Relations Committee offered a bit of perfunctory praise for the former first lady.

“President-elect Obama has boldly chosen the epitome of a big leaguer,” said Sen. Richard Lugar, who spoke of Clinton’s confirmation as a certainty. “Her qualifications for the post are remarkable… Her time in the Senate has given her a deep understanding of how United States foreign policy can be enriched… She is fully prepared to engage the world on a myriad of issues that urgently require attention.” [Read the full post here]



  1. Do you do blogroll exchanging? If you want to exchange links let me know.

    Email me back if you’re interested.

  2. Where did you get your blog layout from? I’d like to get one like it for my blog.

  3. Love the photo! It is amazing how everyone…Republicans included…are fawning over Hillary. Gallup Poll says Hillary’s favorable ratings are 65% now…the highest for her in 10 years. Obama did her a big favor by picking her for Secretary of State.

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