Cornyn’s Absurd Hypothetical: What If Waterboarding is The Only Way To Interrogate?

January 16, 2009

In this series of clips it can easily be seen that Eric holder is holding his own. He is proving his self to be just what we need in an AG.

It’s more than fact that the republicans don’t like him and if I was a part of Bush’s ideology I’d hate him too. Why would I want to put the person that could ultimately be responsible for putting my criminal ass in jail in the position of doing just that?

But irregardless to the fact of his capability of prosecuting some of this current administration for crimes against the people, Eric  Holderis holding his self up with dignity and respect.

Below, I provide three clips  showing

  1. how he respects FISA;
  2. How he does not believe the president is above the constitution where torture is concerned and
  3. Where dumb ass Cornyn proposes a beyond stupid hypothetical question: what if waterboarding is the only way to interrogate?. Obviously in Cornyn’s world Bush’s ideology lives on.


Torture and Waterboarding:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Cornyn’s Absurd Hypothetical: What If…“, posted with vodpod



  1. What if waterboarding IS the least objectionable way to effectively interrogate a terrorist or other enemy of America?

    Waterboarding is torture. It’s been done to me as part of training and I can personally attest to the fact that – even when you know they won’t let you come to actual physical harm – it’s torture. But what if torture is the only feasible way to save American civilianlives? What then?

  2. There is no what if’s about it. There is no way to know whether or not the person interrogating the subject by means of waterboarding is really getting the truth. In most cases it has been proven that the person is more likely to tell the interrogator what he wants to hear, not the truth when tortured. If it is feasible or not is not relavant. The question is, is it lawful and is it effective. The answer is no and no. There is also no proof that torture saves anyones lives. The US could serve its country much better changing its hell bent ways of military domination in other countries. Military domination is about the only way the US solves issues in the world today. They have abandoned any other choices to solve problems. Because of that they are creating enemies with every bullet fired and bombed dropped. Self defense is acceptable but the US is an agressor today. It is and will back fire in a big way if the US does not change its ways.

  3. You’re wrong, ggita32. Torture is quite effective at getting reasonably accurate information out of a subject. The limitation are that the torture must be well performed and truly useful only in tactical situations, not strategic ones.

    Those two facts were the major problems with Gitmo. The US has no experienced crew of torturers and we were looking for strategic information instead of near-term tactical data.

    As for the legality…you’d be surprised and probably saddened to learn what the US laws actually say about torture and the limitation of those laws. Essentially, under US law what we’ve done is legal.

  4. I can only agree with you about the legality of torture. The US governemnt can change and define anything as legal at will and has on this subject. Certainly doesn’t mean it is effective and the only way to get truth. Torture is about as childish and ineffective as a lie detector test in extracting the truth. Believe in it or not it is all bullshit,

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