Kristol discusses his dinner with Obama

January 16, 2009

Maybe for once the man I really believe should just shut the hell up is doing the world a favor. He plays down his dinner with President Obama. Possibly trying to keep the wing nut tribe silent over the dinner? Doubt it.  He is what he is, a man that just needs to practice the art of silence. He’s too much of a prick for that false belief.

Of course we can congratulate Fox Fake never having an honest word to report News for putting the “PR spin” on the whole dinner and assisting in calming their tribes bruised feelings.  Okay I will admit that it didn’t help when both Larry Kudlow and Charles Krauthammer came out with a different message.  Kudlow stated he was so into listening to President Obama he didn’t know what he ate. Krauthammer (ugh) took another tack and stated he was brainwashed.  Of course I see it for the sarcasm that it is, but the wing nut tribe takes this crap way too literally.

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