Limbaugh falsely suggests Planned Parenthood mainly provides abortions

January 16, 2009

What’s life without the likes of Rush Limbaugh painting good as bad? (Really, when does this shit end?). I know in his life of being rich and only the rich have the right to tell us, the not-no-where-near-rich, what’s right and what’s wrong? Let’s forget the reality that Planned Parenthood only have about 3% to 5% of their offices performing abortions. I’d rather concentrate on Rush.

I have a damn question for Rush. Why does he keep taking trips to the Dominican Republic? With Viagra no less. What the hell is that about? Screw his suspicions on what Planned Parenthood is or is not doing. What the hell is he doing? I’m just saying…what we all know. The Dominican Republican is a hot bed for those who have money to go and have sex with children. I’m not saying that’s what Rush is doing, but damn why does he keep going there and with his Viagra?

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