Monkey Boy?

January 18, 2009

It never ceases to amaze how a supposed leading conservative columnist can sit back and not bat an eyelash when some one is insulting another race.  Fred Barnes proved he is that man.  Of course we must take into account that Fred Barnes was also willing to suggest that McCain use Gay-Bashing as a means to revive his sagging campaign during the general election.

When a caller called in with a question (dumb azz as it was giving new meaning to country hick stupidity) and called President Obama a monkey boy, Barnes didn’t miss a beat as he answered the question.

That’s fine in my world.  Now I should no longer receive any insulting email when I call Sarah Palin an empty headed Barbie doll, or if I suggest that she is mentally absent.  Nor should I receive any email when I call Bush absolutely stupid without any right to be viewed as anything less than an azz hole.

I’m loving this conservative view point.  Let’s just let it all hang out.  We can just keep the divisive war going and see how we can continue to stay divided.  While the world is crumbling all around us, let’s stay focused on all that we hate about one another. 

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with calling some politician out if they make dumb decisions that impact our lives.  But calling the President-Elect a name before he ascends to office is…pointless.  Name calling should be reserved for when there is corresponding action to warrant the name calling.



  1. @Jamie- What is up with you? HAHAHAH

    For the love of God couldn’t they grow a spine for a minute to let that first caller know something about themselves? Barnes should have said No I will not answer your questions if you are going to spew out any hate words. But no spines there on that panel.

    Anyways I just love the second caller for NOT letting it pass, even though you can see clearly that those two were going to let it go and wish that no one else heard it.

  2. I just love the age we currently live in, no more white washing. Its all out there exposed. I got rid of Jamie. Goodness she is a kook. You’ve heard of robo-calling, well that crazy loon keeps robo-commenting me. I go through that at least twice a month. If I could meet her face to face, at this point, I’d slap her down to the ground :).

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