Krispy Kreme Wants My UnBorn Fetus!

January 19, 2009

krispy kreme
Its official, the wing nut tribe has lost their damn minds  What the hell is wrong with those people?  Do they see ghost too as well as UFOs on a regular basis?  Now they are, once again, on the campaign trail of attempting to focus our attention on the donut industry.  It seems that Krispy Kreme, in honor of the Inauguration, have come out with a promotion called the “Freedom of Choice” free donut day.  What does the wing nut tribe attribute that message to? Freaking abortion!

Celebrating his inauguration with “Freedom of Choice” doughnuts – only two days before the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision to decriminalize abortion – is not only extremely tacky, it’s disrespectful and insensitive and makes a mockery of a national tragedy.

Now we should start looking for conspiracies every where?  That’s what you can surmise from the American Life League who would just would love to really be in all our bedrooms (during sexual intercourse, of course) assessing whether are not we get pregnant and whatching to see if we exercise our right to freedom of choice.

Where the hell was these people’s paranoia when Bush was running our country into the ground and destroying our nation?  While we are all sinking in debt, job loss, home loss and just being in a bad place they really think this is a topic of interest?  WTF?

Didn’t they get the message after the donut-scarf episode?  What next?  We depict the donut industry as the next terrorist group out to destroy the moral fiber of our nation?

Damn these people are sick.


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