The Road to the Inauguration – JFK

January 19, 2009

As I look forward to going to Washington tomorrow I am using this time to reflect on our past.  I’ve already done Bush, so let’s move on.  I was talking about a past that was going on while I was no more than a baby.

The Kennedys was ordained America’s royal family.  The reason why was very simple.  Kennedy offered new ideas during a time of great division in our country.  I was way to young the understand the full importance of Kennedy back then; but, as an adult I get it very clearly.



  1. As excited as I am about Obama’s presidency, I think that people in general expect far too much from him. If you raise your expectations too high, you may be in for a terrible disapointment.

    If his speaking skills are any measurement, Obama will be a great president. However, the USA is in one of the worst global crisis’s in history. It is important not to make Obama out to be a ‘superhero’ because in the worlds current stage, there is no telling what will be tomorrow … or if ‘anyone’ can change it.

  2. I find those that want to believe it will be done in a day really are delusional. With the mess we are in it will take possibly his full 4 years to just put a dent in it. He’s a man, not a god. I am just enjoying the simple fact that we have finally allowed the adults back into the white house, with no pretend illusions that what is can be solved at the speed of light. That’s a child’s dream. Thank goodness I’m an adult and can tell the difference. I can only hope there are more adults out there knowing the difference.

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