The Road To The Inauguration

January 19, 2009

As I sit here watching a show going back over the campaign trail, the one thing that is stark and can not be missed was the enormous crowds that President Obama easily drew while on the stump.  He was and is a people magnet and the many overwhelming speeches he gave were absolutely stunning.

2008-07-24-crowds obama-oregon4

I can not predict the future, but I do know the past and there is no one that has had the same allure that this one man has captured.  His passion, his desire, his belief in us and our country were transparent and drew us like bees to honey.  He expressed his feelings so eloquently and in that effort he said what we all wanted to hear, an end to divisiveness.  As our problems grew way out of proportion, President Obama started to really embodied what we were sure we needed.  Simply put that was HOPE.

Here we had a candidate, President Obama, that was steady as a rock, confident and just oozing with a calming effect.  Listening to President Obama and seeing him always had a calming effect.  He had the talent to literally chase some of our fears away.  It wasn’t about making him into a God or a spiritual leader.  It was about being utterly tired, 8 years of BS, a jerk of a president, and a Vice President that made people think of Darth Vader.  Then there was McCain.

obama-invesco2 100000 for obama

McCain came on the scene filled with age and selling the same old stale tomatoes, that were so old they looked like rocks.  That part might have been over looked, because at least he had experience.  Although there were moments you didn’t know what McCain’s campaign strategy was since it came across as disjointed, superficial and without a real message.  It all came crashing down though at precisely the same time Sarah Palin was introduced as the possible next Vice President.

10-31 wicker park IN kansascity14

Not only did Palin not enhance McCain, her presence only caused a stronger division between the extreme right and the rest of America.  She was touted as being a conservative dream.  That didn’t last long as the intellectual conservatives came out in force and acknowledged, what those who were not conservative saw right away, Palin was too much of a risk; or, a better way of putting it, she was Bush only a female.  It was if the McCain camp thought Obama’s charm came from his inexperience or his youth.  Such was not the case and Palin’s lack of any knowledge was to be the bitter pill McCain would have to swallow.  Accepting Palin as another Bush was something none of us was willing to risk.  The one thing we knew for sure was that Bush was going away and no one would accept a Bush substitute not even in the form of conservative Palin.  None of the dirty tricks or hard campaigning in divisiveness was going to pull this election into the republicans’ corner.

nm4 unfucking believable

The general election was not pretty.  It was filled with a lot of hateful messages and most centered and came from the McCain/Palin camp.  The GOP refused to understand that they were up against the people.  President Obama was our representative and they didn’t stand a chance.  We were way to tired of more of the same.  It didn’t take long before the lack of discipline to start creeping out from the McCain/Palin camp.  Fingers started pointing, accusations were being made, name calling came next, well you know the story.  It just could not be accepted that the simple phrase “Yes We Can,” had won a nation over.

obama-invesco10 smh

And now the moment is upon us and we have made our choice.  Ladies and Gentlemen may I introduce you to our next president, Barack Hussiem Obama.

Official portrait of President-elect Barack Obama on Jan. 13, 2009.  (Photo by Pete Souza)

This is the same man that told me so long ago…


and he was not lying.


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