Special Shout Out to A few SOBs

January 22, 2009

fuck_youJust thought I would end my night telling a few people how much they could bite me with their bullshit.  I remember one person who got a real hard on over my comments regarding Empty Headed Barbie being no better than the ever ready bunny (before the bitch was the energizer bunny).  Special fuck you to you.

I just wanted to tell you all, gladly and with real sentiment, fuck you.  And a gratuitous kiss my ass (would you like a picture you sick bitches?).  That some of you dare to pretend my site was open to collecting money for me having children, fuck your warp sense of what a true American family is (oh yea, you sorry ass bitches think Palin is conservative of the year, excuse me for pointing out the obvious).  I neither apologize for who I am, nor ask any one of you bitches to help me in any capacity to live life.

Let me just sum up your stupidity, there is no button to click on my site for my personal donation.  True I will link up and help any cause that is worthy, but there is no personal gain going on at my site.  Let me spell it out to some of you backward ass haters, the site is free.  I do not need your contributions to say what I have to say.  I usually do not ever get abusive but, well times have changed and you all equally deserve my contempt.

Let me set the record straight for you bitches.  I have a job and I may not be rich, but I get paid and until life brings me to the level where I need to ask for funds don’t look for it here.  This is a free site and I need not ask any of you wing nut lying bastards to assist me in any way (unless its to wipe my ass after a dump).

For those of you that read my post regularly, and wonder where did this come from I will tell you.  As I am boiling over the action of my eldest daughter about the fees of her college and what she needed to do to help the cost, which she totally ignored and place me in a position, that yes I will pay for, but boy am I boiling, I thought of the pricks and bitches that have sent me nasty comments about how its my responsibility to pay for my children (like I would ask the likes of those fuckers).

So this is my time to vent, blame it on my daughter.

You sick son-of-bitches.  You want to be in every bodies bedroom with your sick ass voyageurs selves.  You sorry, help Bush destroy the world shit eating bastards, go straight to hell where you below and never darken my site with your pathetic outcry of what the hell I’m saying that’s wrong.  Go back to the pits of hell from whence you came and pray to your father (Satan) on how you will do better.

Yes, I said it and I meant every word of it.  I’m sick of you toothless, hide behind accusing some one of doing something because you don’t like the world you live in.  Die bitches, die.  That will solve the problem greatly.  None of you have ever been about us working together, you have all been about looking for a reason to complain, well this is not the government (now that President Obama is in charge) giving a shit about your complaints.  I don’t care about your sick ass right wing agenda or why Sarah stupid-ass-racist-bitch Palin is being mistreated.

Tom, Michael, Mike, Catherine, and Michelle I did this for you and me, love you all.  Sometimes, politeness its not the path.  Bluntness is the only thing these bull shitting, self righteous pretenders can understand.  They understand harshness far better than they can understand respect or working together (this is not inclusive of those that I respect greatly that are common sense right wing participants).  And if you want to check my grammar, kiss my ass on that score as well.


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