The Wing Nut Tribe Has Issues with Rev. Lowery

January 22, 2009

So the wing nut tribe is in an uproar over Rev. Lowery issuing the following statement in his prayer at the inauguration:

Yes, let’s pretend racism doesn’t exist.  It make bull shit artist such as Glenn ass-hole Beck feel more comfortable.  Too bad, racism is real and it still lives on.  What the Rev. said only offended those that are either lying to themselves (as well as others) or those that live in a bubble.

I should believe that Rev. Lowery saying that when some of the bigoted white people that still are around — ask Palin considering she excite a whole bunch of them during the general election — to get it right is a racist term?  How the hell so?  Lowery is not saying all white people are racist.  He just stated a fact that if nothing else, reminded us that the general election brought that crap right back to the forefront.  I still have clips of some of the ignorant racist shaming our country with their baseless bigotry and total lack of 6 grade intelligence to assimilate fact.

Listening to this shit, it makes me wonder if Glenn Beck would be the first to condone and/or justify the village idiots in LA that were killing and shooting innocent Black people during Katrina with the nonsense that they were protecting their property?

Just how far up in the sky is Glenn Beck’s bubble?  He dared to indicated that Rev. Lowery is an older gentlemen?  The man is not just an older gentlemen, he comes from the long and continued history of blatant racism. 

To top it off that bitch Glen Beck dared to tell President Obama to help us to help you?  Please, you’re the same ass hold that reported this:

WTF?  How utterly phony Glen Beck is with this crap.  Sarah Palin went around spreading divisiveness everywhere the chick went and he dares to object to some one else stating actual fact and then twist it into that person being racist?  Where the hell was his outrage over Bush’s continuous crimes?  I am so sick of these wing nut’s with their bull shit artist always spouting their hypocritical nonsense on a regular basis.  Just who, I really mean who, but the wing nut tribe, inclusive of Glen full-of-shit-Beck, gives a shit what empty headed Barbie has to say about anything?  She’s like T-Rex — EXTINCT, never to rise again.  Of course unless fools like Beck want her to challenge a real person of intelligence in 2012.

Why don’t he, and Pat Buchanan, get a fucking bottle and a room and leave us alone with their sexual repressed love of Sarah don’t-even-have-a-small-clue Palin?


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