Let’s Talk About Iraq, for Just a Minute

January 23, 2009

iraq-withdrawal_cfff5_0Now that (the cover it with bull shit artist) Bush is no longer in the house, just what will be the outcome of this whole Iraq mess.  Hm…Let me redirect.  Since it was a pointless war that really had no real substantable future, the failure or success of it is now on who’s shoulder?  I’m strongly guessing that the conservative dogs (that does not include real conservatives with brains) will be looking to blame the failure (as if that bullshit had a success rate) on President Obama and any futuristically possible success on President Bush.

Can we just stop and smell reality?  This is all Bush’s making and the failure of it is his from day one.  There will be no rewrite making it into some wonderful grand plan.  It was ill conceived and pushed forth via a lie.  This is not President Obama’s to make great or lose.  It is only President Obama’s to get out of without suffering any more hugh loss (for Americans or Iraqi’s).  I trust in President Obama to do the right thing.

But, damn Bush is one good old boy son of a bitch that have shown me in more ways than one how he really feels regarding us dumb ass Americans.


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